NYE! (Yep, four months late)

Happy New Year, y’all!

What’s that, you say? It’s been 2k10 for four months now?

Oh. Well. My bad.

What really happened? I had planned on doing an outfit post for a while, and I finally got the photos from my sister’s camera. Like, two days ago. So here it is now. Apologies! Clearly, I was tardy for this party.

When I went home for the holidays, I was lucky to bring some things that could easily mix-and-match for an excellent party such as the Eve of the New Year. Out for some live music and dancing, I wore:

  • Jersey-Tunic dress from Jens Fashion Plus (it is SO comfy and probably my favorite thing ever!)
  • Short-sleeved cardigan from Jens Fashion Plus
  • Ruched lace leggings (how ’80s!!) from Torrid
  • Blue flats from Target
  • Waist tie from another dress

(Jen also has a blog. You should follow it!)

So yes, it’s pretty late, but I still run around in this outfit, so I think it’s still relevant.

In other news: Spring break is over. SAD!