Beauty school dropout.... Nah, just a grad-school dropout. Oops!

More life changes!

Beauty school dropout.... Nah, just a grad-school dropout. Oops!
Beauty school dropout…. Nah, just a grad-school dropout. Oops!

I already mentioned in my return post that the last year has been absolutely nuts, full of adjustments and life changes.

Well, this week comes another ridiculous life change.

I have made the choice to leave the PhD program in which I was enrolled, and begin a new job in another week. The decision isn’t sudden by a long shot. After I earned my masters in anthropology back in 2011, school essentially made me miserable. I tried in earnest to fall in love with the new department and the research I was supposed to do, but it never happened. And anyone who’s been in a PhD program or has earned a doctorate knows that if you don’t have a borderline obsession with your research, it’s torture. That, in tandem with a…ahem…heavy handed…supervisor and advisor, I was in a constant state of stress and misery.

So, I was offered a job doing something creative with bennies to boot, and I accepted! It’s a very exciting new chapter that I am so ready to begin.

But with that comes a whole host of new things. And let’s face it: Change is tough. Over the last few years, I’ve had the luxury of a fairly flexible schedule (this job is 9 to 5 Monday through Friday, with about a 45-minute commute each way), and I’ve generally had the time to cook a breakfast, go to the gym later in the morning, come home and shower and cook a lunch, and then go to class or work in the evening. That is, I’ve had a fairly stable schedule of going to the gym and doing cooking spur-of-the-moment almost every day.

In a week, my schedule will be more along these lines:

4:45 a.m. Wake up
5:30 a.m. WOD
8 a.m. Leave for work
9 a.m.–5 p.m. Work
5:30–9 p.m. Second job (2–3 days per week)
9:30 p.m. Get home

I know I’m not alone. There are many of you out there who probably have similar grueling schedules. Right?

So…how do you make this schedule work for you? How do you pack food for an entire day away (often I have no idea how hungry I will be from day to day!)?

I worked full-time when I lived in Portland, but I never went to the gym, and I didn’t hold a second job. So I could get used to waking up early and having a longer commute, but I never made time to exercise or do much else than go to happy hours with friends. How do you all hold it together, budget your time, and still find time to go grocery shopping?

If I think of my life as a puzzle, when I’m sort of just replacing my school piece with a work piece, all of the other pieces have to fit into place, but maybe just in a different way than I expected.

And, of course, it’s going to take some adjustment. Hrmph.

So give me your tips! What should I prepare for? What helps you through? Comment below to let me know!


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14 thoughts on “More life changes!”

      1. Sure. Just pop the word ‘lentil’ into the search field on the right of my blog. Quite a few uses of it there with instructions etc. Good luck and let me know how it goes! Faya 🙂

  1. I know a lady who says that if she were to get stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire, she has enough food in her cooler, inside her car, to be able to eat for a whole week. LOL! So…pack a cooler every day with more than you need. It’s better to have a ton of food than to find yourself with no food in the middle of your busy day. Tah-dahhhhhhh! 🙂

  2. I’m binge reading your blog. I got a cooler on amazon, I think a 9 can sized cooler. It can hold breakfast, lunch, and snacks. I like to do a big cookup on the weekend – ground meat by the pound (beef, pork, breakfast sausage) and store in containers. I also slightly steam some veg (peppers, zucchini, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts), roast some sweet potatoes, grill/bake a few pounds of chicken thighs, and maybe make a head of cauliflower rice. Then I can mix and match all week. I also keep frozen stir fry veg blends in the freezer as well as snap peas. I love the hot plates concept on I even do it for breakfast…bulk sausage + 1c frozen/parcooked broccoli + 1/2c sweet potato + a cinnamon spice blend + butter + poached egg, which cooks up while the other stuff microwaves. /ramble.

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