Sound familiar?

Sponsored post: Lazy Paleo? Heh. And also YES.

Sound familiar?
Sound familiar?

Last week, I started a Whole30. Most of us in the Crossfit world already know that this essentially means an entire 30 days of strict paleo. So far so good. (I’m sure I will be writing aaaall about this in the days to come….)

My fridge is now stocked with healthy paleo options, which is super fab, and I’m excited to see what this month brings me.

But I will say, eating paleo isn’t always easy, and it certainly isn’t good for those days when we just don’t have time to cook. It was hard enough before when I fit foods into my Weight Watchers plan (on some nights, I’m guilty of subbing dinner for low-points popcorn), but everything on Whole30 really needs to be planned out, which is great…until it isn’t.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve, if worst comes to worst. I know where to get some good salads (Juicy Burger, NO JOKE), and sometimes I think I live on sashimi (sans rice, but with steamed veg). However, my life changed when I discovered I could get that sashimi delivered to me.

It changed again when I discovered I could order it…online. The ultimate in lazy paleo. Yup. Online.

For those of you in the Albany area (like me) or the Miami area in Florida, you, too, can discover Mealeo, a really rad site that lets you order your lazy paleo (or non-paleo cheat) online. It’s seriously easy-peasy. All you have to do is type in your zip code, watch as a bunch of your favorite restaurants pop up, select items from their menu, pay (and even tip!) online, and then obsessively refresh the page to watch as the restaurant receives and processes the order.

But the ultimate best part is that it’s not just about ordering yummo lazy food (my favorite meal—Sashimi Deluxe from Shogun Sushi) or supporting a local business (owned by a fellow Crossfitter, no less), but it’s also about helping your community. For every single order you place through, they will give a meal to your local food bank.

And, from January 28 through February 4, use promotion code GETFITDK on your order, and Mealeo will QUADRUPLE their donation, giving FOUR meals for every order using the code.

That means, every time you order through February 4, using that promo code, your order will feed four other people who are hungry locally. How rad is that?

Have no food and don’t feel like braving the subzero weather? Try Mealeo…you have no reason not to, if you were gonna order delivery anyway (and let’s be honest…you probably were gonna order delivery anyway…).


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