My humble jug o' water.


My humble jug o' water.
My humble jug o’ water.

Well, it’s been a little more than three weeks drinking a gallon of water each day. Yup, still going strong!

Viv told me after week one that it takes about three weeks to actually become fully hydrated (which is why part two comes at the end of week three). It makes sense. It kind of reminds me of my aloe vera plants. (Follow me, here.) Unlike myself, my aloe plants don’t need much water. I will water them once ever month or so. By this time, the soil is completely dried through. I think of my body and my muscles and all my systems as that soil. When I pour water over the soil, it takes a matter of seconds, or even fractions of seconds, for the water to seep out through the terra cotta pot. The soil is so dry that none of the water is really absorbed, and this first round won’t really help the aloe plants. So you wait until the water is drained and then you water them again. This time, the soil is loosened up, and more water is absorbed. Less flows out the bottom.

This is basically how I’ve been thinking about me drinking this water. The first few days, I felt like the water was just going in one way and out the other. Let’s be honest—I’m still peeing a lot. But by this point, my body should actually be absorbing some of the water and not just seeping out. It’s going to my muscles and helping my body function better.

So after three weeks on a gallon a day, these are a few things I’ve noticed:

  1. I’m still peeing a lot, but it’s become less of a nuisance. Yup, I still have to go two or three times during a WOD, but that’s okay. The part that’s been the most noticeable, though, has been at night. I might get up once to use the restroom at night, but I’m no longer getting up three times or more every night.
  2. I don’t have to chug if I don’t want to. Last time, I talked about how I had anxiety about drinking the gallon, so I would essentially chug it. Sometimes I drink the gallon fast, just because I want to drink something else, but if I don’t, it’s no problem. Because there are a lot of hours in the day. I’m realizing that I have all of those hours to drink the jug. No big.
  3. It’s not a cure-all, and has helped reveal other weaknesses. Going into the challenge, I had pretty high expectation on how I would see changes. For example, I was told that if I got side stitches while running, it was probably because I wasn’t drinking enough water. Last week, I ran a mile after a WOD, and about halfway through, I started getting excruciating side cramps, worse than before. Clearly, it wasn’t because I was dehydrated. Now that that possibility is eliminated, I can work on figuring out what the real problem is—perhaps not breathing correctly or having bad posture while running.

These are just a few small observations. I’ll check in again after two months of a gallon. How is your hydration going?


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