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Paleo Black Forest Smoothie

Frothy and fruity, and, most of all, caffeinated!
Frothy and fruity, and, most of all, caffeinated!

So, big confession: I decided to treat myself a few months ago and got a new espresso machine. This is a big deal. Back when I moved to Albany, I bought a cheap-o espresso machine, thinking that it would cut down on my coffee consumption outside my apartment. This logic ended up failing because this little Mr. Coffee machine ended up brewing a small pot of marginally stronger coffee than my French press. It was not espresso by anyone’s standards.

Check out THAT crema!!
Check out THAT crema!!

So this year, I decided to get something that would actually brew, you know, legit espresso. Because I had a plethora of beans (now quite dwindled) from Portland, and many of the varietals just shine as a pulled shot.

Thankfully, this actually worked out in my favor this time. Now, I’m an almond milk latte-making fiend. It’s pretty awesome.

Silky, delicious espresso.
Silky, delicious espresso.

But now that warm weather is upon us, I more and more want to have cold drinks. And my freezer is so small that ice doesn’t normally happen. (I need to work on that…) So a cold drink means that I have to pull my shots into some cold almond milk, and then stick it in the freezer for a bit until it cools down.

So much crema, it just sits on top of the almond milk!
So much crema, it just sits on top of the almond milk!

A few weeks ago, I realized this crucial step too late. But I still wanted something cool and refreshing. So I decided to turn in my coffee/almondmilk mixture into a tasty frozen concoction. My first criterion for a frozen beverage, in this case, is that it needed to taste good, and the espresso flavor couldn’t get lost in the rest of the flavors (I am hardcore with my coffee, if you don’t already know this). Secondly, I’m trying to work with hunger management. Not appetite suppressants, but I’m trying to up the nutrients I’m eating, and also increase the satiation I feel after eating/drinking something, while maximizing my points, since those are getting less as the days go by.

Another coffee photo. Just for good measure.
Another coffee photo. Just for good measure.

So, with that in mind, I threw a little of this and a little of that into the blender, and came up with something that is scarily similar to my favorite Burgerville milkshake—the Black Forest. It incorporates all my favorite things: Chocolate, coffee, cherries, and creaminess. Enjoy!!

Paleo Black Forest Smoothie



• 1 cup PureAlmond Dark Chocolate almond milk
• 3–4 2-ounce shots of freshly pulled espresso (or 1/2 to 3/4 cup strongly brewed coffee)
• 1 cup frozen cherries (or mixed berries containing cherries)
• 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder


Measure all ingredients, and stick it in the blender. Blend until smooth!

This recipe yields one very generous serving, or two small servings.

For my WW peeps, the entire recipe will come out to be 5 p+. You can reduce it to 4 p+ by using a half scoop of protein powder, but your satiation will be less.


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