The X & Ys: No “I” in Team


Last weekend, I participated in my third (count ’em!) Crossfit competition. It was like going from 0 to 60 when I did my first competition back in October, and I basically haven’t looked back, and have only seen improvements.

Now I’ve done a variety of competitions. Fall Face-Off was a team competition, with teams of two ladies and two gentlemen. We came in dead last, but earned ourselves the Spirit of the Games award. The Strongman competition was an individual event, and while I didn’t finish last, I finished close to last.

The Garage Games Series: Xs & Ys event was another team competition, but teams were composed of one female and one male partner. My partner was a fellow 9 a.m.-er, Mike, and I think we ended up being pretty equally matched.

Our team was called the Nevernudes, and yes, we WODed in jean cut-offs. Obviously. (Note: Talk about a major non-scale victory! Before the competition, the last time I wore shorts in public was in high school. No joke. And guess what? I felt pretty badass in them, too!)

The WODs were hard, but we were both filled with adrenaline.

Mike lifting heavy!
Mike lifting heavy!

I’m pretty sure Mike PR’d a ground-to-overhead.

Brutal deadlift.
Brutal deadlift.

And I lifted some fairly heavy sh*t.

And it was really, really fun.

I normally go into these competitions with either very low, or absolutely no, expectations. Because then if you don’t place so well, then who cares? And if you do place well, then great!

The WODs throughout the day involved rowing, box jumps, sit-ups, kettlebell swings, deadlifts, thrusters, ring rows, and burpees. And I’m definitely not strong at all of these movements. What I learned quickly, though, was that for a competition like this, it’s important to be able to rely on your partner.

Whenever I do a partner WOD, I get nervous, because I want to feel like I’m pulling my weight, because I feel like sometimes, people look at me and think that I can’t do much. I was always the kid growing up who was chosen last for playground sports, and it’s hard to shake that even now; I still feel like the kid who deserves to be picked last, so I try really, really hard to not let my team/partner down.

What was great about this competition was that I had a partner who felt pretty much the same way I did about competing. He wasn’t strong with overhead movements? That’s okay, because he assured me that my deadlifts were strong enough to carry us. My box jumps are pretty slow? No problem…he did crew for a while in college, so his rowing might make up for it. And when it came to the burpees…well…not much was gonna fix that (ditto all the no-reps I got with the ring-rows), but I was glad to have a partner that would cheer me on regardless.

In the end, we both worked incredibly hard and had a great time. Which would indicate, automatically, that mission was truly accomplished.

But then we saw our score.



Far cry from dead-last! Obviously, there’s always room for improvement, but I was overjoyed at how well we did.

If it taught me anything, it’s definitely that there’s no “I” in “TEAM,” no matter how corny that sounds.


(There’s no “I” in “NEVERNUDES” either, for that matter….)


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