Quite possibly the best chicken soup ever.

Slow-Cooker [Paleo] Chicken Soup

So good!
So good!

I’m totally new to the slow-cooker/crock pot. For years, people told me that it was life-changing. I’d always been fine without it. Until one of my friend gave me one for my birthday.

And then I just about died.

I’ve been using it for oatmeal and other goodies, and decided to try my hand at chicken soup a few weeks ago. My mom taught me how to make chicken soup right after I moved to New York, and was shivering in my apartment. I had to go get a huge cauldron-like pot for the reduction, and it kept the gas stove on all day. But it was easy, cheap, and tasty. And I could eat for weeks, because it made so much soup!

I was a bit nervous about making it in a crock pot, but thought it would be less of a pain, because I could just leave it on low and go about my day, not worrying about the gas stove.

And I’m not gonna lie…this batch was probably the richest, tastiest chicken soup I have EVER made. Ever. And I didn’t even use an entire chicken like I normally do!

The best part is that it’s so freaking easy. And it’s totally all-natural and Paleo-friendly, if you don’t add noodles.


Quite possibly the best chicken soup ever.
Quite possibly the best chicken soup ever.

Slow-Cooker [Paleo] Chicken Soup


• 1 whole chicken carcass, with some meat still on the bones
• 1 large onion, peeled and quartered
• 1.5 pounds carrots
• 1 large stalk celery
• 4 cloves garlic, whole
• Dash Sriracha
• Salt and pepper, to taste


Grease or spray your slow-cooker, and place chicken carcass in the cooker. Add onion, half celery, half carrots (all roughly chopper, but not too small), and garlic cloves. Fill the cooker with water, covering the carcass and vegetables. Set cooker on high until soup begins to simmer (about an hour or so), then turn down to low. Stir soup occasionally.

After about 12-15 hours in the slow cooker, remove vegetables from cooker, along with the chicken carcass. Strain any nasties floating on top of your broth. The broth should be a rich, deep color. Discard cooked vegetables (or use a ricer to reincorporate them into your broth…this was a way my mom got my sister and I to eat our vegetables when we were kids). Let the carcass cool, and carefully pick the leftover chicken meat from the bones, and throw back into the broth.

Add the rest of your chopped carrots and celery, a dash of Sriracha (this gives just a bit of heat at the end of your bite), salt, pepper, and more water to top off the cooker.

Place mixture back on low, and allow to reduce for another 6-10 hours. For this batch, total cook time was close to 24 hours, but was well worth it!

This is especially nice, because you can roast a chicken, eat it, and then use the leftovers for this soup. Also, this will make a surprisingly huge batch. The soup freezes well, so make one batch now, and eat it all winter!

For my WW friends, one serving (about a cup-ish) will be 2 p+, without noodles. Yum!


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