Bacony brussels sprouts!

Brussels Sprouts…with Bacon

Bacony brussels sprouts!
Bacony brussels sprouts!

I am almost as obsessed with brussels sprouts as I am with my honeyed sweet potato fries. I mean, I’ve always liked brussels sprouts, but I didn’t start eating them until I was an adult. And then I came to find out that my mom, who was cooking them with olive oil and Romano cheese, actually hated them herself, so she eventually stopped.

I sort of forgot about them, until a few years later, I saw them at the supermarket and thought it would be a good idea to try cooking them myself.

They turned out fine both sauteed and roasted. And I do enjoy them that way!

But…during Paleo week, I started becoming full-on obsessed with these things. Why? Because I was cooking them with bacon.

I would come home, and my apartment would smell like brussels sprouts and bacon. And this made me SO HAPPY. Because, chances are, I was dreaming about coming home and cooking them when I was gone. It’s a vicious cycle, you know, brussels sprouts.

They’re über easy to make.

Just start browning some bacon in your saute pan, and while that’s started, cut up your sprouts (I like the petite version, halved).


Add your sprouts.

Add the sprouts to the bacon.
Add the sprouts to the bacon.

Let ’em brown. Like, char those mofos.

Getting there!
Getting there!

And that’s it! Maybe I should be ashamed, but I’m not…I eat the entire damn pan. Every. Time. Yes, they are THAT delicious.

Some people ask me what they taste like, and I have a hard time describing the flavor. I don’t eat cooked cabbage, so I can’t tell you if that’s what it tastes like (I actually don’t think they do, though). They do have a sort of bitterness to them, though, that’s lessened with the char and the amount of cooking. For the most part, I get smaller sprouts, but I did recently try large sprouts, and they were markedly more bitter. So…shop at your own discretion! But do try it! Especially if you like bacon. Because the salty and savory of the bacon really, really makes this dish addictive. I bet your kids would even eat it. Or those of you who don’t do veg (Cean and Jay…I’m looking at you boys!).

Delicious, bacony brussels sprouts
Delicious, bacony brussels sprouts

Bacony Brussels Sprouts


• Brussels sprouts (anywhere between 1/2 and 1 pound)
• 2 slices thick-cut bacon
• 3 cloves garlic (or about 1 teaspoon)
• Sea salt, to taste


Chop bacon into small bits, and begin to saute on medium-low in a medium saucepan. While bacon begins to saute, cut brussels sprouts into desired size. I prefer to slice off the stem-end, and then cut the sprout in half. Once your sprouts are prepped, add garlic to your bacon, swirl around, then add sprouts. Salt generously.

Saute, flipping occasionally, until sprouts are charred and tender—approximately 25 minutes. This is a great dish to cook while other meal components are cooking…. Serve hot!

This entire recipe (for those of you who like a lot of food, like yours truly…) is only 3p+, for my WW folk! Yay!


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4 thoughts on “Brussels Sprouts…with Bacon”

  1. That is food pornography at it’s finest. Brussel sprouts and bacon are one of my favorite go to comfort dishes. I too do the balsamic thing at the end – I think it gives them a little bit of a zing and an almost sugary texture. Good stuff!

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