The Road to the Competition, or, HELL YEAH!

First off, hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Did anyone stay on plan (whatever your plan may be)?

I should also take just a second to tell you what I’m thankful for. I am so, so thankful for my family, who puts up with my regular shenanigans; my baby puppy (who’s actually 4 years old, wtf!), who is the cutest, nicests, most princely puppy EVER!; the cats, who are the fluffiest and friendliest cats you’ll ever meet; my assistantship, because without it, I wouldn’t be able to afford school; the amazing coaches at ACF, because without their constant encouragement, I probably wouldn’t be where I am now; my ACF family, because that’s truly what they are; and everyone else who’s helped me on my road to wellness, especially Dr. B. and Linda, the Wonder Massage Therapist. I love you all!

So, I went to Strongman again on Wednesday. I’d never been to one of Cat’s classes because I almost always have school-class in the evenings, which makes it impossible for me to make any evening specialty classes, like Ladies Night, Strongman, or Yoga. Therefore, if class is canceled, I definitely want to make it in to ACF for whatever is going on.

At this point, I was still pretty shaken by the shitshow that was Tuesday morning’s Strongman. And I get in to the WOD room, and Cat informs us that we’re doing more-or-less the same thing that I did with Kevin the day before.


WOD I: 3 rounds, 1 minute one-arm press, 1 minute rest

WOD II: Work up to a 1RM Log Press


For WOD I, I was able to use a 40# dumbbell for my right arm, but had to use a 25# dumbbell on my left (there were no 30# ones left), and yes, my left arm really is that much weaker than my right arm. I’ve noticed recently that I have this weird diagonal thing going on. My right arm is a lot stronger than my left arm, and my left leg is much stronger than my right leg. WTF? Anyway, I finished this WOD okay, but it was difficult.

Then, on to my nemesis: the log press.

I have bruises on my wrists from the freaking log, especially after both Tuesday and Wednesday:


I was scared to pick that heinous, heinous thing back up.

But I did.

And after Cat showed me how to move it properly, I got the log (70# empty) overhead. I. Could not. Believe it.

It was actually relatively easy, once I got the movement down. And I did it again…with 75#. Which means that, theoretically, I will be able to do the Rx movement during the ACF competition. I tried about 15 times to go heavier, though, and it just wouldn’t happen. While I did make a crazy improvement in just one day, I still find it frustrating, because everyone else in the class was moving it like it was a piece of cake. There were ladies there who were adding 20 or 25# to each side of the log and pressing it. This is absolutely nuts to me. But I’m happy that perhaps I’ll be able to finish this portion of the competition.

Finally, we got to do something new: tire flips!

I’d never done tire flips before, and we were doing them with a 375# tire. I know they get way heavier than this, but considering that I can’t deadlift anywhere near 375#, it would be insane to me to flip a tire that heavy.

We were each timed 1 minute to do as many flips as we could. I think Cean got something nuts like 18, and a lot of the ladies got something like 8 or 9.

I need to work on my tire flips. I only got 3. I know what happened, too. The clock started, and I got nervous. My foot placement wasn’t far enough back, and my chest should have been lower on the tire. And my hand placement felt weird. So, all of this meant that I was sort of wasting time. And when I thought Leb was taking photos, he was actually taking video. Gahh!

If I had known he was taking video, I might not have quit when I had 9 seconds left on the clock. It’s stupid. I should not have given up. In retrospect, 9 seconds is theoretically plenty of time to flip, like, two more tires.

So I have stuff to work on.

But that’s okay, because I’m not quite as freaked out anymore.


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