Pfft. Screw this injury!

Arnica. Good for injuries.

I am a klutz. This is something I fully admit, and it sucks that it’s true.

On Sunday, I was in the middle of a WOD when I just tripped and fell. I don’t think I even tripped on anything. I was just going from deadlifts to the pull-up bar, and I totally planted it. And twisted my ankle. And couldn’t finish the WOD.

It was humiliating! One of the coaches actually taped an ice pack to my foot. I ended up going back in, and doing some air squats and some sit-ups, but it definitely wasn’t the same.

I expected to be able to walk fine and just take it easy the rest of the day, and be absolutely great by Monday. Right? WRONG!

Almost six days later, and I’m still gimping around. Yesterday, I woke up, and my foot was all bruised and gross. I’ve been icing, Arnica-ing (thanks, Rog (I know you’re creepin’!)!), ibuprofen-ing, and elevating it. Uggh.

And, surprisingly, I’ve still been going in to Crossfit. Because like HELL if I’m going to let my gimp foot get in the way of me exercising.

Kevin has been beyond super rad with helping me scale. The other day, instead of doing five rounds of 5 thrusters, 10 burpees, and 15 box jumps, he had me do a rather challenging scale of five rounds of 20 ball throws (14#), 20 sit ups, and 10 push-ups. I also did dumbbell presses instead of max-load thrusters. Today, I was able to do most of the movements (rowing, light thrusters, ring rows), strict presses instead of push jerks (super hard without explosive hips!!), and, um, one-legged single unders, which was both challenging and FUN.

While working through an injury definitely sucks, this has just given me another opportunity to be thankful for ACF. The fact that I could come in and still be part of the WOD crew with an injury has been so great. I’m sure some of the coaches think I’m just a big whiner all the time, but I’m still thankful for them putting up with me. Especially when I have an icky injury.

Thanks, guys!


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