Our route.

My failed 5k attempt

Our route.
Our route.

It’s important to acknowledge your failures. I’m pretty sure it was Leb who told me that I wasn’t a Crossfitter until I had (followed by a big hug, which always helps).

The last few months, I’ve been absolutely super terrible about my running regiment. If it’s a rest day, then it’s a rest day, not a run day. But now that I’m back home for the summer(!!!), I decided that if I was going to drag my feet in joining a nearby Crossfit, I should at least get some activity in.

Seeing how my WW peeps were doing the Walk-It Challenge this weekend, in which you walk a 5k and then get a 5k charm for your keyring, I thought it would be fitting to walk a 5k, too, only by myself (and with my mom and her dog).

We start off walking briskly, and it feels really nice to be out and about in the neighborhood. As we approach the halfway mark, my mom looks at me and is like, “I have to pee.” By this time, we’re maybe a half mile-ish from a Starbucks, and a bunch of other businesses, and I offered to walk with her up there so she could use the bathroom.

She adamantly refuses, citing that the bathrooms there are “gross” (they are not), and that she would just wait until we got home. A few blocks later, she complains again that she has to pee. And then again, saying that we needed to head back. We start walking up a side street, and she’s okay for a few blocks, until she realized just how far we had walked. As we approach one of the boulevards, she finally breaks down and frantically calls my sister to come and pick us up because she had to pee so badly! Granted, I could have kept walking, but we were on the precipice of a downfall (no pun intended).

According to Google Maps, we walked 2.4 miles, just a half mile short of a 5k. Sad! Maybe next time, Mom won’t drink so much coffee before we leave….


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