First recorded Crossfit date.

Six-month Crossfitaversary

First recorded Crossfit date.
First recorded Crossfit date.

Wow. I have officially been a Crossfitter for six months. Actually, six months and change. I officially began Crossfit the last week of October/first week of November 2010 (with a fateful workout with Desi). I can’t remember when that first workout happened, but I know it was early on in November. However, the first records I have of a WOD is November 11, 2010. See that little box, written in red? “Crossfit—Noon.” And two days later, I jetset for Spain.

It seems silly, and it seems so far back, but I can’t remember if, by this point, I was still doing Elements or if this was a full-on WOD. Too bad I’m not an archaeologist….

I feel like I need to recount the story of how I got roped into Crossfit and then [willfully] drank the Kool-Aid.

I’d been going to Dr. B’s for some time, and I kept running into the people who I would later know as Jay and Leb. All I knew was that they were kinda weird, but really friendly. And every time I came in, Jay would be like, “So when are you coming in to Crossfit?”

And I would be like, “Uhh…yeah, I should do that,” but with absolutely no intention of follow-through. Didn’t want to, but didn’t want to flat-out tell him “no.” (How could you say no to that face?)

Finally, one day I was told by Dr. B that going to Crossfit would help my core strength, and then in turn help my back muscles and injury. Then Desi cornered me, telling me to go in for a workout with her. (How could you say no to that face?)

November 11, 2010.

So, pretty reluctantly, actually, I got on my sneaks and dragged my ass to ACF to meet Desi there for a workout. I had heard that ACF did classes, so I was trying to prepare myself for something with other people. I walk in…and there’s Leb. And Desi. And it was just going to be us.

I was beyond mortified. And horrified! I hadn’t signed up for personal training! Where was everyone else?

We proceeded to do some heinous stuff. Like a one-minute warm-up of biking as fast as I could (was beyond winded after that). And then some push-ups. And then some SIT UPS?! And squats? What the hell was going on? Why did I feel like death after five minutes of movement?

While I was assured that I had nothing to be embarrassed about, I truly was.

But then Leb somehow persuaded me to come in for Elements. (How could you say no to that face?)

And I left. And felt crappy. And then ordered some wings from the Elbo Room. (Seriously.)

And that is the story of how I got roped in.

I know, I’m sure this sounds uber anticlimactic. It kind of is, because the magic really didn’t happen that first day. And it didn’t happen during Elements, either. And maybe not even during the first few WODs I did. But then again, I didn’t magically wake up one day and all of a sudden become obsessed with Crossfit. It was a lot of right times and right places and right PEOPLE.

I know I say this a lot, but I am SO lucky to have become part of the COMMUNITY of ACF. I am so lucky to have been picked on by Jay and Leb. I am so lucky to have chosen that particular appointment time with Dr. B. I am so lucky that people care about me, and want me to succeed. I started off as an angry person. Like, really angry. And resentful. I didn’t want to do it, but I did, and now I’m glad (clearly).

So thanks. Thanks for making this six-month Crossfitaversary happen.


Six-Month Report Card

Weight Lost: 43.4 pounds

Nutrition: Partial Paleo, but much healthier than before. Significantly less drinking, fried foods, full-fat espresso drinks, juices, and processed junk. Emphasis on portion control.

Pull-ups: Still jumping… (to be continued)

Sit ups: Six months ago, could maybe do 10. Now I can do 100 unbroken.

General lift weight: Six months ago, I used either a 25# or 35# bar. Now routinely use 45#, often upping to 50# or 55# for WODs.

500m row average: Six months ago, my 500m row was almost 3:25. Today, it is nearly 2:05 (or less, sometimes!).

Deadlift 1RM: 195#

Back squat 1RM: 135#

Front squat 1RM: 120#


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10 thoughts on “Six-month Crossfitaversary”

  1. Congrats Danielle! You have seen some awesome results. Keep it up and you’ll be doing unassisted pull-ups in no time.

  2. Love your story, thanks for sharing, I am about 7 months in, it has changed my life. I just started a blog, wished I had documented from the beginning, I just had no idea, this would turn into what it has become. I have tried everything else, and failed, but now I will never fail again. It feels so good to type that and know that it is true. feel free to check out my new blog

    where are you located? I live in Orange County, CA

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