Finals: Spring 2011 Edition

Caught in the act....

Who’s literally hiding buried behind a pile of books, and may or may not be drinking sugary cane-juice–infused ginger beer?

It’s me, okay?!

I’ll be back to normal in a few weeks. Until then?


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Exuberant photographer, artist, writer, designer, wannabe chef, and Crossfitter.

2 thoughts on “Finals: Spring 2011 Edition”

    1. Mmm…girl! It’s so good! I like both this kind (Maine Root brand) and Reed’s, and they are SO good with whisky and lime. They are essentially ginger ales, but ones where you can actually, you know, TASTE the ginger. The Maine Root one I’m drinking is actually kind of spicy! Also, ginger is great for calming stomachs and has no caffeine, so it’s a good digestive, too. 🙂

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