Mobility: As simple as a ball?

Increased mobility and taking time for myself

Mobility: As simple as a ball?
Mobility: As simple as a ball?

The past year has been all about making small changes (or big changes) in my life. Last summer, I made the commitment to be more active. That didn’t necessarily mean going to a gym and working out, but it did mean to stop avoiding (and to meet with great excitement and vigor) hikes, bikes, swims, and overall frolicking around. (I like frolicking, don’t you?)

That was the first (small) big step to how I got here right now.

Sometimes major shakes stir major change.
Sometimes major shakes stir major change.

But I think that one of the biggest conduits for change happened last August when I was in a pretty nasty car accident. My poor sister in the driver’s seat, and I next to her, was completely stopped when, out of nowhere, a minivan jumped a curb and smashed right into the front driver’s side panel of the car, putting us into a scary spin, and ending up across the sidewalk on the other side of the road.

Not that I need to be dwelling on this particular event, although it was scary, but my sister and I both went away from the crash injured. Both of us were bruised, my sister’s ankles were swollen and her teeth were cracked; luckily I got away with some mild whiplash and a mid-back sprain, along with some good bruises along my chest and collarbone from the seat belt.

Because of the accident, I was eligible for treatment through my sister’s car insurance. I didn’t want to be constantly hopped up on pain killers and muscle relaxers, so I sought alternative treatment…something more natural that I believed would help me heal, and not just feel better.

Soon, I discovered the amazing healing properties of massage therapy (If you’re in Albany, you MUST see Linda Addario over at the Bodyworks. She’s not only a beautiful soul, but her healing hands are also licensed for physical therapy.) and chiropractic (go see Dr. B…seriously). And eventually, I started feeling better. Because, you know, I was taking time for myself and my overall well-being.

The last piece of the puzzle finally fell into place last November when I started Crossfit. Like I’ve mentioned before, it wasn’t an immediate love affair, but something that I grew to love (after a period of anger and resentment…is this part of a 12-step program or something?). So really, I started to nurture myself and take time to make myself a healthier and better person.

However, being a regular Crossfitter seems to have taken its own special toll. While I can go for four WODs in a row and still be able to walk (unlike week one at Crossfit, in which I WOD’ed several times and could barely sit down come Friday), I’ve been noticing that I’ve been having major DOMS issues. Really. Like, I’ll jump rope or box jump a whole ton, and then it’s not until two or three days later that my calves are super sore. However, that being said, I have had a consistently sore right shoulder for months now, and nothing is really helping.

My handball = mobility.
My handball = mobility.

Linda does intensive trigger-point therapy, which helps for a few days, and then it continues being sore. Dr. B. adjusts my shoulder, which is great, but same story. I’m doing things with bands and balls and stretching, and nothing. I’m trying to be more conscious of the ways I’m twisting my body, but my shoulder still hurts. I don’t think I have a major injury or anything, but I am concerned, especially on the days where I find it difficult to put on a jacket.

I do feel pretty lucky, though, because someone gave me a little handball to do some trigger-point therapy with. Normally at Crossfit, trigger-point is done with lacrosse balls, which are larger than handballs, and maybe a little bit harder. So far, the handball has been small but powerful, and helps to loosen up my shoulder muscles for a while.

I’m hoping that my shoulder will soon feel significantly better, but in the mean time, what do you do to increase your mobility and decrease your soreness? I’m continuing to care for myself, take fish oil, exercise, and do well on nutrition. Anything else I can do?


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  1. Get the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook on amazon. I LOVE it. You can find the source of your pain and it shows you how to work it out. I had an insane hip issue – discovered it was referred pain from my glute. After taking a tennis ball on the wall to my butt 6 times a day, it finally released!

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