Pancake fail!

Poor, poor, paleo pancakes.
Poor, poor, paleo pancakes.

I’m not sure if you can relate, but sometimes I get these seriously insane cravings for really weird stuff. First, I started craving chocolate cake (fairly normal), but then I started craving straight glasses of milk. Seriously. I could have freebased an entire gallon of it. But then, last Sunday, I woke up and all I could think about was pancakes. Light, fluffy, delicious pancakes smothered in syrup.

So before I could go off the deep end, I was sent a few recipes that were paleo-friendly. I took the one that seemed most pancakey (i.e., NOT mashed up bananas), and decided to make them. But the mixture of almond flour and coconut flour made the mixture less batter-like and more dough-like. And the pancakes were DRY and sort of bitter-tasting! I tried diluting the mixture, only to get overly delicate pancakes that were impossible to flip. I won’t be trying THAT again.

Lesson of the day: Regular pancakes are better than paleo pancakes. I don’t care what you say. The M&M and bacon pancakes at Wine-n-Diner were TOTALLY worth it.


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4 thoughts on “Pancake fail!”

  1. Alternative gluten-free flours are notoriously finicky and I never had much luck with them back in my low-carb days. If you can tolerate dairy, I’ve had much better success with “pancakes” just made from egg and cream cheese.

      1. Like a lot of egg and cream cheese recipes, I found I had to fiddle with the proportions quite a bit, so I recommend you do the same — just searching for flourless pancakes and cheese should be enough of a start. Most of the ones I found use cottage cheese, which seems to be more a high-protein bodybuilder thing (or include oats, insert obvious paleo disclaimer :). I got best results when both the eggs and cream cheese were at least at room temperature before cooking, which I usually do anyway with eggs (and beef). Just mix them as thoroughly as possible, with maybe a little sea salt, vanilla and cinnamon, but without whipping so much air into the eggs that you make them too rubbery. A good mixer helps, as does having the cream cheese be warm and soft. Then fry quick on medium-high heat in your choice of healthy natural fat (I like a mix of butter and coconut oil for things that are sweet, whereas butter and bacon grease works better for savory stuff like green veggies). Probably my main disclaimer would be that even if the cream cheese is thoroughly mixed in with no blobs, it’s a lot easier to make thin crepe-style pancakes this way. Which when you think about it is perfectly understandable — how else to get those inch-high fluffy monstrosities of childhood than the rising expansion of yeast and gluten? Buckwheat pancakes (technically grain-free 🙂 are at least not unknown here in the States, but regardless of their opinion on the matter, nobody with functional sense and senses would ever confuse them with the products of refined flour…

        Also, some folks use an “oopsie” slash Atkins revolution roll technique, incorporating the egg yolks first, then whipping the white separately to stiffness before gently folding it in, then cooking. You can find recipes for those as well if you want to experiment, and most of them are baked, which would make it slightly lower fat if you want to tweak that.

        I didn’t eat these very often during my zero carb year, but they were a fun occasional sugar-free indulgence. More importantly, I’d feel confident serving them to just about any “conventional” eater off the street, including picky kids, with only a minimal addition of sweetener and/or fruit. The best paleo meals are when nobody can tell it’s paleo 🙂

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