That thing I drink after WODs

My "WOD" smoothie....
My "WOD" smoothie....

So, while I’ve been more-or-less open to changing some things in my diet, one thing that I’m still deathly afraid of is the protein powder or the Progenex or whatever it is that these people are mixing with water and drinking after a WOD. I get it. We need protein. We need protein ESPECIALLY after a workout, because our muscles were just ripped to shreds, and we need to rebuild. And muscles are made of what? That’s right. Protein.

Seriously yummy (and paleo!) ingredients.
Seriously yummy (and paleo!) ingredients.

Suffice it to say, water just wasn’t cutting it, even though it is indeed awesome.

And then, well, the kitchen nerd in me decided I would invest in a pretty, new blender (which I also decided would double as a food processor). I could…you know…blend…things.

I started making these smoothies with yogurt and mango chunks and maybe some berries. And then that morphed into BERRIES! and ALMOND MILK! And then I got sick of that. The berries were never sweet enough, and I didn’t like the proportions. And the smoothie I one day made with spinach and water and mango? PUKE.

What I REALLLLY wanted was a dang chocolate-peanut butter shake. Yeah. Because those are hella tasty. And remind me of when I was a kid. So I started throwing some stuff together—some chocolate almond milk, some almond butter, a little this and a little that. Eventually I got what I have now dubbed my “Post-WOD Smoothie.” And no, it’s not a frappuccino.

This ain't no frappuccino!
This ain't no frappuccino!

The Post-WOD Smoothie

• 1 frozen banana (do it. the already-frozen quality makes it really creamy and delicious!)
• ~1 cup ice cubes (I use anywhere between 6 and 8 cubes)
• 1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk (you can buy this in bulk on Amazon)
• 1 tablespoon almond butter (or any nut butter of choice)
• 1 egg white (for added protein…promise you won’t be able to taste it!)
• 1 packet Stevia in the Raw

Stick everything in your blender, and blend on a “liquify” setting until smoothie is smooth and creamy and dreamylicious. If your banana is pretty large (that’s what she said?), it might make the blade stop. In this case, stop the blender, shake the container a bit, and continue to blend until you’ve reached your desired consistency.

This recipe will yield one serving, approximately 16 ounces.

For my WW friends, this recipe is 4 p+.



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3 thoughts on “That thing I drink after WODs”

  1. I used to cut my bananas up and freeze the slices. It was easier to blend that way. Though…I do have a bunch of frozen whole ones waiting to be used for banana bread. I could make a protein shake instead ;D

    1. That’s a pretty good idea. Since I have to focus on portioning, too, freezing the whole banana works okay. I might have to try the slices, though!

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