Killing some kettlebells!

Why I Crossfit

(Originally posted privately on 24 March 2011.)

Killing some kettlebells!
Killing some kettlebells!

I realize I talk about Crossfit a lot. I can’t stop myself. It’s become a significant part of my life, and my friends and family hear all about it constantly, to the point where one of my friends admitted that he suffered from “Crossfit envy.” My mom told me tonight that she thought that what I was doing was “intense.” It is. But I still gush.

So before you get on my case about how often I talk about Crossfit, I thought I should let you know why I drank that sugar-free Kool Aid, and love Crossfit.

Five Top Reasons DK Crossfits

5. No mirrors, no machines, no intimidation. I guess this sort of says it all. This isn’t a normal gym. You won’t find mirrors or treadmills or ellipticals or meatheads or girls with fake lashes. The only sort of machines they have are a few rowers. Everything else? Body-weight movements, weight lifting, etc. And all in class format. Also, everything can be scaled, so if you see hand-stand push-ups on the day’s menu, you know that you can always put your knees on a box and get inverted that way instead.

4. Hugs and high-fives. Whenever I explain to my friends why I Crossfit, I always have to tell them that it’s about the hugs and high-fives. The coaches here are top-notch and actually give a crap about your overall well-being. Never has anyone made me feel bad because I had to scale a workout, or needed a movement demonstration. And, more often than not, after a WOD the coach will bump fists, give you high-fives, or give you a big hug, telling you how great you did (even when you know deep down you didn’t!). For me, I need this sort of encouragement to keep a regular workout regiment. Hugs and high-fives sound corny, but it really has worked for me.

3. The community. Branching off, sort of, from number four, I love Crossfit partially because of the people. I remember the very first day I attended a real class, I was scared as HALE. It took a lot of balls to get my butt into my car and to the gym (now I do it several times a week!). But as soon as I got there, people, realizing they didn’t recognize me, came up and asked my name and wanted to know about me. It hasn’t stopped. I’m Facebook friends with the owner, most of the coaches, and a good chunk of members. We have monthly birthday parties. We go to the same chiropractor (and joke about coccyx adjustments). I love these people, and they have provided me an absolutely incredible support network. Which brings me to…

2. The motivation. If the community and the hugs and high-fives weren’t enough, Crossfit provides me with a wealth of motivation to get up every morning and get to the gym. Not only do I now have friends here, but I know that if I just stopped going, I would hear about it. When I was gone in Spain last semester, I was only with Crossfit for maybe a week, and one of the coaches emailed me workouts that I could do on the road. He also expected that I would be in as soon as I was back. It’s almost like I have no choice but to keep going. It’s not a bad feeling, either. I almost feel like I have a responsibility to not let these guys down. I’m not complaining, though.

1. Crossfit makes me feel great! Trust me, if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t go. I was the kid who would rather read on her bed than go outside and play. I’ve always hated exercise. If they make me want to do it, then they’re on to something. Yeah it’s intense. Yeah it hurts. Yeah it’s hard. But it’s an unbelievably awesome feeling when you can deadlift 195 pounds, or front squat 110 pounds, or hit a personal record. It feels GREAT when you’re challenged with a(n ever-changing) WOD and you finish it. It feels ridiculously rad when you see muscles in your arms develop. And it feels even better when people see those changes.

So there it is: my reasons for Crossfitting. But in the end, they’re helping me achieve my fitness goals in a fun and safe way, and for that, I am ridiculously grateful.



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