Why Guy Ben-Ner is awesome

Like you guys needed convincing.

I never really thought of myself as one for performance art. And I still don’t think I really am, most of the time. But I think it gets a bad rap for being really just random and strange and inaccessible. That said, I’ve seen some really rad performance-art pieces in the last week or so. First, last weekend when I was in NYC, I got to see Marina Abramović’s 40-year retrospective The Artist is Present, which was nothing short of really amazing.

Yesterday when I went to the MASS MoCA, they were actually setting up some exhibits, but they had a few that really made it worth the drive to Western Massachusetts. Sol LeWitt (images forthcoming), and a performance-art retrospective through film, of Guy Ben-Ner. I never really like to sit down and watch a film at a museum, because I always feel awkward and you rarely get to start at the beginning.

His work, though, fantastic. Poignant. Deep. Accessible. And hysterical.

I found myself laughing out loud several times during his traditionally silent-ish films that often feature his eat-you-up ADORABLE children.

His films have a distinct DIY home-video feel to them and most were filmed in his own Brooklyn apartment, but are so creative and strange, I thought for a moment that maybe he was buddy-buddy with Michel Gondry. I also couldn’t help but think that this guy had to be one of the most fun dads on earth.

Watch and see:

Wild Boy is probably my favorite out of his films, but you should watch all of them. Don’t you just love this kid???

Stealing Beauty was filmed completely in Ikeas, without permission.

Moby Dick was made several years ago, when Ben-Ner’s daughter was 6 years old.

Don’t you agree with me? Isn’t this guy awesome??!


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