Anthropology? Yeah, I do that, too.

School is amazing and scary and hard and very, very rewarding. And part of being back into the academic swing means actually manifesting the role of graduate student. It’s much more serious than undergrad, you see!

About a month-ish back, I had the great privilege to attend a conference at Connecticut College, titled “Undocumented Hispanic Migration.” It was seriously AWESOME and was so relevant to my research. I met lots of people and had a great time.

But when it was time to exchange information, I had my snazzy business cards, but something was off. They’re still pretty snazzy, but the whole writer/editor/designer/photographer label just didn’t fit my role at the conference. Sure, I still actively do all the fun writing/editing/designing/photographing stuff, but now that I’m doing anthropology-related networking, I thought it’d be appropriate to have the proper representation.

More business cards!

After doing some research, I settled on a company called MOO, which works in tandem with Flickr. I was instantly enchanted with their mini cards, and equally smitten that I could choose several photos for card backs, and then design the front portion myself.

And the results?

card box

The box was pretty darned adorable!

Open Box

They even included little dividers!

all cards

Et voila! Here’s a close-up:

Close Up

I love these, and they’re an excellent representation of my work. On the front is my info, and on the back, one of seven different photographs taken either in Mexico or Arizona, which is the geographic location of where I focus my work. They’re pretty small, but I’m hoping they’ll make a big impression on people when I go to the AAA Annual Meetings this year in Philadelphia!


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