Etsy Awesomeness: Estudio Martita

Etsy is a dangerous place for me to peruse. So it almost worried me a bit when I decided to reopen my store the other day.

And, of course, that meant that I immediately went and bought some really sweet bracelets from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Estudio Martita.

Since you already know that I unabashedly love Mexican people and culture (and foooood!), it’s not much of a surprise that I just love the artwork and jewelry that comes out of Estudio Martita. A self-proclaimed folk artist, Martha Rodriguez creates handmade pieces that reflect her vibrant heritage, from embellished boxes to the skullie bracelets above to the mod-version of classic santos bracelets (left). And with Dia de los Muertos approaching soon, her store is the perfect place to stock up on beautiful, affordable accessories.

Martha is also a superstar when it comes to communication, which is always great (especially when it complements truly awesome, quality art products); I have a fatty wrist, and she so nicely custom strung me my last bracelets, and was super quick with shipping. I can’t say more positive things about with my experience with Estudio Martita, and I hope you guys check her out!


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