What the heck is a ‘SlimCado’??

The other day, I was at the grocery store looking for good, fresh produce that wouldn’t go bad the next day (which seems to be the case around here, unless you’re really super careful). I’m sort of obsessed with avocados (well, that and bacon…duh) because they are so ridiculously delicious.

Then I saw it–a GIANT avocado. Was this my dream come true?

Or was to just too good to be true?

At Hannaford, they were advertised as Florida avocados that were “lighter” in flavor and a bit sweeter, too. Well butter my buns and call me a biscuit. I wanted a giant avocado. YUM. So I brought it home and waited a few days (and it still didn’t get exceptionally soft), and when I decided to use it, I saw the big sticker on it that said: “LITE! SlimCado.”


So I Google searched the term, and came up with, like, no information on this giant smooth-skinned fruit. Well, except that apparently these Florida avos, which are not genetically modified, have like half the fat and 35 percent less calories than normal avocados in a serving. Well, after further investigation, I find out that if you compare whole fruit to whole fruit, it actually has the same, but since the volume with the Florida SlimCado is higher, it technically has less fat and calories, but has a more watered-down flavor.

I cut mine open to try it, and the meat was bright yellow, as opposed to creamy green.

Then I started trying to spoon it out for some guac, but it was too hard. I’m not sure if it was just underripe or is always hard. I couldn’t use it. But from what I could tell, it was also a little stringy the way that some squashes are, if that makes sense.

Anyway, so I’m still sort of confused about this so-called “SlimCado,” and I’m surprised by the lack of information on it. Hmm. Have you ever tried one? Or better yet, have you ever even heard of it?

In the mean time, I’ll stick to my tasty small ones…..


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24 thoughts on “What the heck is a ‘SlimCado’??”

  1. Oh, and I have tried those skinny avos… why defer from the classic Haas? No reason. You don’t mess with perfection like that. There are also those gigantic lighter green ones, but I find those to be too watery.

  2. why oh why a low fat avocado??

    sorry for sounding smug lol but fats in avocados are actually the good ones, the kind that get you a healthier hart, softer skin and shiny hair! 😉


    1. Good fats are better than any other fats, but you still have to eat in moderation (about 70 calories a day, says my doctor).

      I like the SlimCados. I make guacamole out of hass but I top salads with ’em.

      1. I disagreed with your DR./ is like vegetables , Dr. Robert Young said you could eat like 5 a day or more.

  3. Hey there! I’m from Portland too and I just found your blog! I’m sorry to hear about your coffee & Mexican food difficulties, the part about the coffee is truly tragic! Anyhoo! So, not to be a crazy foodie geek or anything but, yeah I have heard of them, they are just clever marketing the Fuerte variety. They may need to be ripened on the counter in a paper bag, just like the Haas kind, but they won’t turn dark green, you have to check them for softening They are best used for salads, salsa or a gazpacho. OK, geeking done now.

    1. You’re totally not geeking out on me! I wish I could have found some of that information when I was looking online. Basically, all I found was a bunch of talk threads talking about how superior the Haas kind is, haha! Thanks for the info; next time I try to be a culinary whiz and make a gazpacho, I’ll try some!

  4. I bought one out of curiosity. Let it ripen, then put it in a bowl, and mashed it up – which was very easy compared to a regular avocado. Then, salt, pepper, and some lime corn chips, and it was a delicious dip! We just about ate the whole thing in one sitting. It was not as “strong” as a regular avocado, but it did not taste bad by any means. I’ll definitely buy these again, just for the ease of how they are mushier and great for dip! I wouldn’t use them like I do regular avocados – sliced up. Still delicious – just mild.

  5. Well my husband (who shops with his eyes closed, i swear it!) brought these home unawares. I left them out to soften/ripen a bit. They are lowdery inside the skin, fibrous and uncuttable inside of that light-colored layer. i don’t know if they’re rotten or not, or what to eff they’re supposed to be, but I don’t want them i told el Blindo that if he wants guac, he’d better come home with the usual avocados. I’m annoyed. i really am annoyed.

  6. Slimcados are great! I just tried my first one and I guess it must be good and ripe because although it is more yellow than green inside, it is just as soft and delicious with a triffle lighter flavor. Love em – last longer, taste greaat!

  7. Just came back to Southern California from a vacation in Florida where I found the Slimcado. We were amazed by the size and wonderful taste. Smooth, creamy and oh so wonderful. We have a fuerta tree in our back yard and get hundreds every year. I would gladly trade my tree for a Slimcado tree. WE LOVED IT!!!

  8. Just tried one today..it was ripe but a little too mushy and no flavor…I am in S. Fla. I like our normal avocados and haas but these were not anything to write home about…

  9. I say its good! I tried my first one today and I say its like tasting half the flavor of a Haas Avocado. Therefore its more bland but that’s not bad at all, just different. Its also a lighter yellow green rather than a light to dark green. It has a bit more buttery texture I noticed but I think that’s because you notice more of the texture as a result of it being a “lighter tastes” than the regular avocado’s. I thought it was good though and would buy them again. As far as the 50% less fat and 35% less calories, I think for some it could be that little extra help they need with a strict diet but wanting a little bit more to fill you up. It still gets an “A” as far as good vegetables go.

    1. I buy the normal unbranded Florida avocadoes all the time and like them and they are cheaper by far than the Haas avocadoes. Not as tasty, but a better value, imo. The Slimcadoes, marketed by Brooks Tropicals, don’t taste nearly as good. They are watery and more bitter than the standard Florida fruit. I won’t eat them again.

  10. Poor Slimcado, so many people seem to dislike it. I had one for the first time today and loved it, so did my husband. It was a little overripe and had some bad spots, but the rest of it was great. I think yours was just not ripe enough yet because I scooped mine out of the shell just like a Hass. We thought it had very nice flavor, a little less rich than a Hass, but also sweeter (in a good way). Not hard or watery or bland. The difference between the two was small enough that my husband thinks they taste the same. Please consider trying another Slimcado, just wait until it’s a bit softer than last time. I’m going to buy another if I see them at the store again.

  11. I can’t stand the Hass which is mushy and mealy. Florida avocados which include the SlimCado are like butter and have a lovely texture and flavor. Eat them when they give gently to the touch and don’t wait for them to get soft. When ready, the skin just peels away with no effort. Great with a touch of salt and pepper, great for gucamole, and great on sandwiches. Hass are not good for anything as far as I am concerned.

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