Major NOMs.

One thing I’ve discovered about Albany that has definitely one-upped Portland on is…

…drums, please…


My new favorite place to grab ’em fresh is at Uncommon Grounds near school. Granted, I’m so smitten with these bagels that I haven’t been searching for others, and there are many places that sell these. Chewy and enormous, a pesto or sun-dried tomato bagel with salmon cream cheese is my kind of carb-loaded heaven. This morning, they were out of the pesto…and the sun-dried tomato…so I tried the garlic bagel. Quite good! My dad is a fan of the banana nut bagels, and I’ve tried several kinds–the pesto with herb/garlic cream cheese, cinnamon raisin bagel, whole wheat, among others, I’m sure, and they’re all good.

This place also roasts their own coffee, and while I still think they have a lot to work on in this department, I’m not complaning about the bagels. MMMMM!

Cheap, filling, and delicious.


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3 thoughts on “Major NOMs.”

  1. Forgive me if this is pushy, but I take great delight in trying to show newcomers to the area what’s actually cool here.

    If you’re not doing anything Friday night, I highly recommend checking out Troy Night Out, just across the river, about 15 minutes from Albany. All sorts of galleries and stores keep their downs open all night with special art shows, music, etc.

    Here’s the site: I’m especially excited about the event going on at electronic arts studio Casperland.

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