Exotic candies du jour!


One of the perks of going to stores like Uwajimaya and Fubonn is clearly being able to ogle all the new and exotic foods and products. My favorite sections are always the refrigerated drinks and candy aisles. Clearly.

Knowing that Albany doesn’t have a whole ton of Mexican and Latin American food, I think they adequately compensate with lots of Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants, and a pretty good Asian Supermarket to go along with it.

So of course I had to check out the candy aisle at the market.

They brought the goods. And it was awesome.

PhotobucketThe photo above is of a box of Mochi candy I bought. It’s not the typical frozen mochi dessert we’re used to. Instead, this stuff is more like an extra-soft and filled gummi. They look like little bundts! And they were surprisingly good (I tried mango flavor); however, if you’re weird about texture, you might not like this.

I also decided to get some hard candies (left).

Most of the bags of candies didn’t exactly have clear labels, so I just had to go for it. The bag at the far left is a “Brown Sugar Milk Candy.” I thought it would be like a caramel, but it’s not quite. It’s soft and chewy and tastes sort of like, well, milk. And sugar. The other bag of candy, I had to have someone translate for me. It’s basically another milk candy; however, this one is plain milk flavored, and it’s a hard candy. Surprisingly, I prefer this one. Ha!

That’s it for today’s rendition of weird candies.

What should I try next time?


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