I’m alive!

Oh, blog, how I’ve missed you!

I’ve been trying to write all the time, but there’s something extremely whack going on with my WordPress backend. Every time I try to insert an image into a post, it gives me the white Flash screen of death! So I haven’t been able to post what I wanted to. In any case, if I can I’ll be posting things from my Flickr page…so more serious photography.

I made it to New York (yay!) a few weeks ago, and today I decided to do some exploring.

Albany (New York’s capitol) was settled in 1624 by the Dutch–almost 400 years ago! Needless to say, this place has a lot of history.

One thing that I noticed the first time I visited were the amount of cemeteries around. They’re everywhere…sometimes even smooshed between fast-food restaurants. Clearly, the McDonaldses and Burger Kings came later, but it’s still weird to see graves that go almost to the street.

Today, I went around and took photos of a lot of the graves. Some of them are extremely opulent and huge. Check them out!

Until next time…I hope I can figure out what’s wrong with my backend!! 😦


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Exuberant photographer, artist, writer, designer, wannabe chef, and Crossfitter.

4 thoughts on “I’m alive!”

  1. Awesome pics. Glad you made it safely. I have always wanted to go somewhere with a history older than, say… Portland or Denver, lil’ baby cities compared to East Coast.

    1. It’s weird to think of it in those terms, too, right? I still can’t wrap my head around how old this place is, compared to how little personality it has.

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