Now in business!

My new business cards!
My new business cards!

Not really, I suppose, but I feel like it, now that I’ve got some snazzy double-sided business cards.

They were SUPER easy to make and order, too. Seeing that I’m too lazy to go around town and gather quotes from different printers, I turned to other bloggers/generally awesome people. Both Katrina from Pugly Feet and Nubby from Nubby Twiglet have used for making their business cards…along with a host of other people.

So I checked them out, and they were very user-friendly, providing comprehensive templates and digital proofs. Their rates were reasonable, too, with rounded edges being an extra $2 per 100 cards, and free gloss layer (I opted not, as I’m not a fan of glossy anything except lips and shoes). Double-sided cards were no extra charge. Not to mention that these guys almost always have some sort of discount code or offer going on, so I got $10 off my order, which basically covered for expidited shipping (don’t listen to the name–overnight service and shipping isn’t included). Yippee!

They were pretty fast, and provide tracking, and I’m pretty psyched about my new babies. Wouldn’t you be, too?


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