Dag nabbit!

Last night was the Neko Case show (finally!!), but I am having a terribly hard time finding either photos or videos from the performance!

The Crystal Ballroom was actually raping people’s bags with flashlights and hands, not letting any cameras through (thank God I didn’t actually bring one this time), and everyone with large messenger bags (it’s Portland = everyone has them) had to either bring them to their car or take the bus home to leave them there because the CB so lovingly does not have a bag check. It was uberously lame.

And you know, I seriously don’t get it. Just about everyone’s phone has some sort of camera on it. I don’t, but my parents’ phones both have 5 megapixel cameras, which is the same amount, I think, as my REGULAR camera. So why not just let people use them as long as they don’t flash??

In any case, the show was one of those near-religious-experience things. Neko has one AMAZING voice. Seriously, she sounds the same in concert as she does on her records. I am so glad I could have gone.


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