The activewear dilemma

Pardon the silly socks, but I was feeling strong in my new duds, after doing some 30-Day Shred!
Pardon the silly socks, but I was feeling strong in my new duds, after doing some 30-Day Shred!

I’ve mentioned this before, so don’t be surprised, but sometimes it’s difficult to find properly fitting clothing when you have extra pounds. Last time, I addressed colorful tights. Today? Activewear.

I feel, sometimes, that society is sending mixed messages–that it’s definitely not okay (gasp!) to be fat, but if you do happen to fit into that category, it’s like pulling hair to try to find proper exercise attire. It’s like this crazy catch 22. For years, I’ve had to take walks and bike rides either in normal clothing–jeans, capris, etc.–or ill-fitting and unattractive sweats (that were often highwatered) and baggy tees. And you know, I learned to deal with that because, sometimes, when you’re exercising, it’s impossible to be pretty.

What I couldn’t deal with, though, was how uncomfortable it was to wear a regular push-up bra, and not be able to find a sports bra.

Finally, a few weeks ago, I decided that I was sick of it. I finally gave in and decided to invest in real exercise clothing. And thought to myself that maybe this would encourage me to actually do full-on workouts (because, let’s face it, clothing does change attitudes and the way that one views herself).

I’d looked for activewear before, but really to no avail. The very few products that were at my normal stores seemed to be hideous velour in bright colors, and the Old Navy yoga pants were just too revealing and form-fitting. And because I have so few options at this point, it’s not like I can shop many ultra-clearances at the Nike store or Gart Sports (again, that crazy catch 22).

So I gave in, and started looking online. I was pleased to find some options available. At the same time, I was very disappointed to find that my options would cost an arm and a leg. Danskin in plus? Awesome! A pair of yoga pants from the site? Around $80…no thanks! This basically seemed to be the trend.

Then, in the most unlikely of places, I found the correct sizes in several styles (also in straight sizing) and cute colors on For a store I literally can’t take, I sure took home a deal–two shirts, mesh capris, and a SPORTS BRA (you heard it, ladies!) for less than $50. You have no idea how thrilled I was.

Clearly this story has a happy ending.

But really, I don’t understand our culture sometimes. For a society that clearly looks down upon obesity and fat, why isn’t it easier and cheaper to find the proper exercise attire? I can vouch for the fact that now I have clothes I’m jazzed about, it’s much easier to persuade me to get off the couch and do something. I’m not quite as worried about running into people on my brisk walks. I’m not worried if my sweats are too short or too tight. And I’m not worried about any coin-slot cameos when I’m riding my bike.

Thank God.


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5 thoughts on “The activewear dilemma”

  1. That’s what used to be so great about before the late 90’s Internet meltdown — great styles in lots of sizes and decent prices. Alas, no more. I’m too big for their XL. What the?

    Thanks for the tip about Penney’s.

    1. For the record, I totally would have shelled out dough for Lucy stuff if they had it. And WTF about the XL? You tiny! They must have weird sizing.

  2. I just arrived on the scene.

    All I did, though, was type “plus size workout clothes” into google and it was the first entry that popped up.

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