I love colors, TWO/To the nines

I got my tights! Actually, I got them a few days ago, and have worn them a few times since. SUPER fast shipping, and I’ll totally be shopping with We Love Colors again.

I was extra thrilled because one pair went pretty awesomely with the outfit I had chosen for a theme party I went to tonight. Case in point:

Dressed to the nines!
Dressed to the nines!

Sorry I’m a terrible self-photographer (it’s nearly impossible to get a clear image without an annoying flash), but here’s what I’m wearing:

  • Dress — Torrid
  • Maroon Tights — We Love Colors
  • Shoes (MIA) — Solestruck.com
  • Ring & Earrings — H&M, NYC
  • Feather Headband — Etsy.com

I was actually pretty surprised that I got my hair back in a little updo-thinger, and I got lots of compliments on my fun feathery headpiece. Let’s talk about that, shall we?

hair-copyWell I feel like a bona fide fashion blogger at this moment! I doubt you can see it because of the awesome lighting in my bedroom, combined with the fact that the headband is nearly as dark as my hair, but sitting on top of my mini beehive thing I’ve got going on is this really great metallicy green feather headband, reminiscent of ’20s flappery! How fun!

Also, let me apologize, these photos were taken AFTER the fabulous event, so I look and feel mighty tired and worn out!

And since this post is turning out to be slightly schitzo in my exhaustedness, let’s go back to them tights.

Black shoes with maroon tights.
Black shoes with maroon tights.

Did I mention how I’m enamored with them?

There were only a few drawbacks here, and let me apologize for any TMI.

I purchased the $15 version of the We Love Colors tights, rather than the $9 version, not really knowing the difference, but hoping that the $15 ones would maybe last longer.

Unfortunately, they don’t have much–ahem–crotch reinforcement like most tights do, and I got a freaking run in them the first time I wore them. Granted, it was nothing that a little bit of clear nail polish couldn’t fix, but it was annoying nonetheless. Next time I’ll try the $9 tights.

Another problem I encountered, now that I’m the proud owner of colorful tights, is that I had no idea what sort of shoes to wear with them. Granted, I know generally what kinds of cool shoes I could pair with them, but did I own any of them? No. And the cool shoes that I do have? Totally not comfortable, especially for a long party! I ended up with a worn-in pair of MIA mary jane flats, and while they’re not the prettiest things ever, they did just fine.

One GREAT thing about these tights that is a huuuuuuuuuuuge plus for me is that they are LONG enough, and actually cover your butt! So many times, nylons companies seem to think that ladies want low-rise tights. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

Thank God for We Love Colors.

So, here was my first complete outfit post.

I hope you found it at least mildly amusing.


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7 thoughts on “I love colors, TWO/To the nines”

    1. Awwww, you’re so sweet, K! Granted, this was the end of the evening, so I was soooooo tired! I’ll see about getting better images of the headband. I actually got two! I might have to take the pics on the styrofoam head, though, because they’re both really dark headbands.

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I have a pair of maroon tights and always have a hard time figuring out what to match them with. They look so cute with the black shoes! 🙂

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