I’m in love.

(I took this photo, by the way.)
(I took this photo, by the way.)

With my best friend‘s Holga, that is. Anyone want to give me one? I hear they’re cheap!


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Exuberant photographer, artist, writer, designer, wannabe chef, and Crossfitter.

5 thoughts on “I’m in love.”

  1. they’re like 70-90 bucks..get it at lomography.com and they have really good package deals..i sifted through so much stuff to find mine finally..i can’t wait to use it again.

  2. where did you go to develop your pictures? i’ve gone to pro photo, but i recently got film at blue moon and now i dont know where to go!

  3. i have a negative scanner, but i dont think 120 will fit though.. 😦 i can’t remember how much theirs were per print.. at blue moon it was like .80 a print..i think i like pro photo better just cuz they don’t hassle you and you can look at stuff on your own and not feel pressure..like i did at blue moon

  4. I love this picture you took, Danielle!

    Also, I got my Holga for about $20 unless I’m remembering wrong…and this was back in high school, so I think they’ve become more popular and therefore can go for more.

    I’ve never heard of Blue Moon – I always go to Pro Photo but they can be expensive if you’re doing black and white.

    Keep shooting!

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