You tell me

David Eugene Edwards of Woven Hand performs.
David Eugene Edwards of Woven Hand performs.

Is it normal for people to scream really, really weird stuff at shows?

You see, a few weeks ago when I saw Woven Hand at the Doug Fir in Portland, someone–in the lulling silence between songs–said (not shouted, just said) “This band is the shit,” and then everyone echoed in agreement. It was such an intimate venue that no one needed to shout to make themselves heard, but I thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Then, when I was in Tucson, my friend and I went to see Woven Hand at Club Congress (yes, two Woven Hand shows within five days….), and during the silence, someone sounded like they were spasming, shouting, “So good! So good! How are you so good?” It was so hilarious that for the rest of the trip, we were randomly shouting “SO GOOD” or “THIS BAND IS THE SHIT” to each other.

I really am curious, though. Because I’ve been to my fair share of shows, but none that elicits such weird reactions. And we’re not just talking about the shouting. There were people being religious with their hands raised. There were the crazy dancers with band shirts. And to the right of me was an older woman doing some mystic dance moves.

Granted, I think that actually seeing this band in concert is a trip:

David Eugene Edwards, the singer/songwriter/creator/person, has his eyes shut for pretty much the entire set (and at Club Congress, I was SO close to him, I felt victimized by all the sweat and spit…yes, SPIT…I went away with), and his leg will do random spazes (yet land oh-so delicately on the synth peddles). And he speaks in tongues. And blesses his crowd.

It really is a sight to be seen.

So, what do you think? Do you think there are just crazies wherever you see live music, or do you think that people are just so moved by this particular band that they feel so inclined as to shout random phrases?


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2 thoughts on “You tell me”

  1. That’s interesting that there was a random comment made in between songs. Perhaps woven hand has a hired hand to scream out enthusiastic sayings to build morale and contribute to the overall experience of the show.

    I think it works.

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