TILT: Your home deserves this!

"Big Coat" by ZCFleming
"Big Coat" by ZCFleming

I lurve Etsy because it has troves of lovely and delightful works of art, and actually puts you in touch with the awesome arty people who created it. It’s exciting to find something new and to directly support an artist.

Recently, my best friend’s mom decided to start testing the water on Etsy. I’ve known Zem for a long time, and I’ve always thought that she was an extraordinary and original artist. I practically swoon over everything she creates–from period-piece paintings to sculptures, wood crafts (she made me the most lovely box when I was confirmed), blankets, scarves, and more. The woman has endless amounts of creativity (no wonder her daughter turned out to be one fantastic artist and photographer).

So, you may have noticed my new little badge on my left-hand column. Go to Zem’s Etsy, and check out her exquisite work. For now, she’s only selling small moderately priced paintings online, but if you love what she’s doing, maybe more will come.

These small pieces are a snapshot of the style of work she creates. The icons center around images of the feminine, and are fantastic vintage-ish pieces that would go fabulously in any lovely home. Go ahead, you deserve this!


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3 thoughts on “TILT: Your home deserves this!”

  1. Holy cow! That is a pretty bad-ass coat-related piece of art. I still think it’s the cutest thing that they’re both named Zemuela.

  2. My mother is wanting Big Coat, Flower Child, or Sage for her birthday but they no longer have them on the Etsy website. She saw them in Cannon Beach, OR. Can you tell me where I can get them?
    They are wonderful!

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