This post has no photos

I have declared that this post, about the Woven Hand show I just got back from, will have no photos.

You may ask yourself, and curse the heavens, WHY? Why, Danielle, must you not include photos? And the answer to that would be a simple one, of course: I don’t take photos at concerts unless I’m commissioned by the band.

Several years ago, when I first started going to shows, I took my camera with. But then I found myself preoccupied with taking photos and video, that I didn’t actually get to step back and enjoy the show. So I stopped, and I actually can be absorbed by the music. Very nice! (Also worth noting is that I truly believe that it’s totally disrespectful to the band to weasel your way up front only to use flash photography.)

The show tonight was at the Doug Fir, which has quickly become my new favorite venue (acoustics rock and I like that it’s very intimate). And I was actually surprised by the bands live listen-ability, considering that I listen to Woven Hand’s albums when I’m ready to zone out.

Have you heard of 16 Horsepower? Although now defunct, the two bands share the same frontman, David Eugene Edwards who, with a bandanna and everything, reminded my friend of Bret Michaels, only much better looking, and slightly crazy when speaking in tongues.

Anyhoozles, both of the bands are a rock-country-Gothic American-gospel infusion (really, it’s possible), the content of which explores the darker side of God and Christianity, in a sort of Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God way. Which makes it appealing to the non-religious folk like myself and my two buds accompanying me to the show.

Edwards quaked and shouted and blessed us with his words, and it was really a very intense yet satisfying set…and was nothing like I’d ever seen before. And at the end, he actually told us “God bless you,” which both took me off guard and made me surprisingly happy.

I could have done without the annoying concert-going scenesters getting all up in by biz, gyrating and dancing all over me, but I suppose–especially in Portland–that it comes with the territory.


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