Neko Case just keeps on getting more awesome

Case's new album, Middle Cyclone, is out March 3, 2009.
Case's new album, Middle Cyclone, is out March 3, 2009.

You might think this is silly, but a lot of music makes me all sentimental. OK Go reminds me of the excellent show I went to, and how cool the band was afterward. Amos Lee makes me pissed off (don’t ask). And then there’s a whole group of music that I didn’t even know about a few years ago that now comprises most of what I listen to–Calexico, Neko Case, 16 Horsepower, Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Friends of Dean Martinez, Califone (I actually don’t even remember what I listened to prior to this time…a lot of Coldplay, I suppose. And My Chemical Romance.)–and these remind me of mellow times on the US-Mexico border. I like remembering that!

Anyhoo, when I heard my beloved Neko was coming out with a new album (Middle Cyclone, out March 3), I obviously became rather excited! And the first single from the album, “People Got a Lot of Nerve,” is a clearly delicious number with her lush vocals taking front-and-center. It’s definitely a song you can bop your head to (slightly), and I can see myself singing along in a few more listens. And, surprisingly, her repetitious line “I’m a man eater,” isn’t nearly as awkward and outrageous as Nelly Furtado’s song (I’m sorry, but every time I heard that song, I wanted to hurt myself).

What’s more, for all those in the blog-o-sphere, every time someone blogs about it (and it’s available for free download here), Neko Case and lable ANTI- will donate $5 to the Best Friends Animal Society, an animal-rescue foundation. Don’t want to blog? You can help out by adding the song to your iLike. For every add, she will donate $1 to the same cause.

So, yes, it’s slightly gimmicky, but it’s going toward a good cause, so I think it’s endearing. Oh, Neko! You rule!

Find more information on the original MySpace blog.

Thanks to Kim for turning this on to me.


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