Blurgh…more shoes

My new Dansko Marcelles in Claret Patent
My new Dansko Marcelles in Claret Patent

I announced my new acquisition the other day on Twitter, and my friend JW wrote me back, commenting that “DK got new shoes. Can I get a duh?” Seriously, I know. It’s an issue.

But let’s face the facts with this purchase: It’s a practical one. I bought a pair of shoes I will most likely be wearing very frequently, the Dansko Marcelle in Claret Patent, which, I hear is limited-edition, as the patents don’t come out too often.

Fact No. 2? My feet are behemoth gigantors. Yuck. Long and wide. I hate feet, and I hate mine. These are pretty cute, although I’m still stretching them out. Right now, though, the vamp is a little snug, and I’m surprised to say that this pair actually is a little narrow for me. I’m hoping I’ll be able to break them in, because I haven’t experienced this yet from the brand. Also, my left foot is still a little swollen, which adds a bit to the discomfort. The mary-jane strap isn’t quite as long as I’d like it to be, so sometimes I feel like I’m squeezing my feet in (although I wholeheartedly do it anyway…).

Fact No. 3: I like shiny things. These shoes do the trick. And they’re red to boot! Yippee! Cuteness all around.

So, basically, I’m still smitten with this pair of shoes, and the insoles are still uber comfortable. However, I’m not used to the snugger fit, and I’m hoping that in a few more days of wear, they’ll loosen up and be my new absolutely, positively favorite pair of shoes.

Because, you know, during this recession and all, I gots to cut back somewhere….


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7 thoughts on “Blurgh…more shoes”

  1. Yay! You got them! And I love the socks.

    Now… I could be wrong, but – I tried on a pair of the Sanita ones a while back, and they were really wide. I mean, REALLY wide – and I have wide feet. So, if these don’t un-snug – and I really hope they do, but if they don’t – you might want to hunt down the Sanita version.

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