This is where we had an epic turn-around. The weather was beautiful, though!
This is where we had an epic turn-around. The weather was beautiful, though!

I’ve always been insanely jealous whenever I hear that one of my friends has gotten a massage. It’s just not fair.

So finally, today, I worked up the gall (and cash) to actually go get one. And instead of going somewhere swanky and overpriced in town, my friend and I decided to take a trip over to Carson Hot Springs, near Skamania. Another first! (The wind through the Gorge was BRUTAL!) And this place is far from swanky. It’s very old-fashioned and rustic, in my opinion, with rusty tubs and buildings that are [charmingly?] in disrepair. Also, we had a really difficult time finding the place…the directions were whack (we think the hippies wrote them), they didn’t mention that we had to go over the BRIDGE OF THE GODS, and then we had to turn around because we took the wrong left…. Yikes! Also, my photos from today are random and make no sense, and none of the ones from the actual lodge turned out. Sorry, guys! There will be NO nudity in this post. 🙂 Which was another thing I had to get over today….

For our ladypals spa day, we both got mineral baths (the bath house smelled overwhelmingly like sulfur, but I suppose those are the hot springs minerals) and wraps, in addition to massages.

My friend's air freshener cracks me up.
My friend's car's air freshener cracks me up.

We both thought that the wraps were going to be hot towels, but it really ended up being basically wrapped up tightly in dry sheets…in a pretty cold room. Ha! Clearly, the highlight was the massage…which was so relaxing, so amazing, I would love to have one every single day! Woo!

Then, after all those toxins were out of our bods, we went for junky Mexican food in Gresham. Smooth move, Ex-Lax.


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