The problem with coffee

My recent mornings: Starbucks coffee and a reduced-fat Marionberry muffin.


My name is Danielle, and I am a coffeeholic. And I have an up-and-down relationship with the stuff.

Relatively recently, I’ve cut back tremendously on my caffeine consumption. A few years ago I was drinking several quad-shot espresso drinks plus a few Diet Cherry Pepsis every day. Really!

Then I cut caffeine out completely, except from an ocassional soda.

Now I’m back to drinking caffeine, but generally one cup of coffee (espresso drink) and maybe one can of soda. Still bad, but what’s worse is that I insist on actually going out for coffee. I can say that I’m stimulating the economy by buying it, but what I’m really doing is sabotaging my own financial welfare. Three or four dollars a day can add up!

Can I justify it by truly cutting back on eating out? I think that might be fair to say, and a much easier endeavor, seeing that I’ve grown accustomed to drinking coffee in the morning, and avoiding the office K-cups that are truly unsatisfying.

But then there’s the question of where to drink it. I feel like a total hypocrite because I totally hate on Starbucks for being the man and having skunky coffee, but day after day I find myself going there. It would be easier to pass by if–after the holidays–they got rid of the goddamned Espresso Truffle, which is basically their Signature Hot Cocoa (and I’m a hot cocoa fiend) with espresso. To…die…for.

It might also be easier to pass by if my all-time favorite coffee place, Stumptown Roasters, had a drive-thru or was open at 5 a.m. Ahhh, the what-ifs.

I hate addictions.

And I still hate Starbucks.


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One thought on “The problem with coffee”

  1. When I get back to P-Town I plan on having a coffee-shop tour (probably not all in one day) I may have to hit you up so you can explore other coffee shops as well.

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