On having a big head

A guilty pleasure now everyone knows about.
A guilty pleasure now everyone knows about.

Uhh…I think I have a slightly big head. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about this.


It’s a really strange sensation to see yourself on TV.

Tonight, Portland Yelp’s new Community Manager, Don B. had a nice little spot on KGW’s Live@7 program. During the spot, he talked up the site, and then they randomly started talking about who is on there, and my name and profile photo happened to come up more than once. Don actually warned me in advance, but I totally thought that they were going to include other people, too. Guess not! Ha! Soon after, the comments started…texts…talk thread…and facebook. Ha!

Seeing myself on TV, well, all I can say is that I’m hella glad they used a good photo of me! It was strange and almost eerie seeing my profile being broadcast, and the host and Don going back and forth saying, “Yeah, Danielle! She’s awesome!” It’s hard not to let your ego expand just a little. I know, I know! It’s just local news. But still!

And back in November, an article about Yelp ran in the Portland Tribune, where I was quoted extensively.

Well, I never knew that so many of my long-lost high school friends read that paper.

Bottom line is–no way around it–it feels good to be noticed. Sometimes, though, everyone needs to be put in their place when their head gets too big, and hopefully I’m not one of those attention-whoring people.

Until I hear the magic words, though, I’m going to be curious what other media comes out of the woodwork.


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