Dandy resolutions

My Dandy Dandelion, Mojo.
My Dandy Dandelion, Mojo.

What a lovely surprise it was when, on Monday, I came home from work super late and found a dainty little square box sitting on my bed, just waiting for me to open it. Even though I was utterly exhausted, I did not want to wait one second before opening the box. And what a lovely end to the day! A Dandy Dandelion named Mojo by my lovely Katrina.

Katrina handmade the gorgeous “ball” with vintage and high-pigmented sequins from around the globe, and I’m sure this photo simply doesn’t do it justice.

What’s more, her packaging was absolutely DIVINE.

Inside the cardboard.
Inside the cardboard.
Open Me! How very Wonderland-ish!
Open Me! How very Wonderland-ish!
Made with love...clearly!
Made with love...clearly!
Is it...a bath bomb?
Is it...a bath bomb?

There were so many elements to the packaging that it pretty much brought back the joy of actually opening up something really special. You know, we’re all used to ravenously tearing apart boxes and such, but this was just so thoughtful and sweet and with so many layers, I couldn’t help but revel in its beauty! From the delicate wrapping and bows to the handcrafted boxes and cool tissue paper, this was definitely one of the best presents I’d received in 2008.

And as you can see, I totally opened it on my bed. Ha!

Anyway, although Katrina and I are both Power Sagittarians, the gorgeous Mojo that’s now sitting with me on my desk wasn’t a belated birthday present, but a blog win instead. And, you know, I never win anything, so this was totally exciting. Part of the entry was to declare three resolutions for the new year.

I’ve never been one for resolutions, seeing how every time I make them, I never actually keep them for more than a day or two. So this time I chose attainable goals:

  1. Make a more conscious effort to make healthy decisions. This time, I decided to forgo making a statement like “lose weight” or “count calories.” Yes, these are long-term goals of mine, but for now, I’d like to focus on the actual decision making, building of willpower, and being healthy. Because I think that if I can do that, I will feel better inside and outside.
  2. Be wiser financially. Uggh. I have NEVER been good at budgeting or saving money. I drink way too much coffee out, and I spend too much money on restaurants or clothing (hey, I work at a shoe store!). While it’s too strict to completely cut this out (hey, I just went and bought sweaters, followed up by a latte…but the shirts were on sale), I think that it’s a good goal to set better limits. Like, two coffees per week instead of four. And one meal out per week instead of several. I want to save my money or use the extra to pay down my student loans.
  3. Learn something new often. I’m a lifetime learner. But since graduating college, I’ve definitely slacked on my daily dose of CNN and New York Times. I want to acquire knowledge just for the sake of bettering myself. Read more books. Read better books! Read the newspaper! Participate in trivia nights at local bars!

So what do you think of my “resolutions”? Do you think that they are realistic and attainable?

What did you “resolve” this year?


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4 thoughts on “Dandy resolutions”

  1. I think those are great “resolutions”. Personally I’ve decided I don’t do resolutions anymore – hopes, wishes and goals are so much more positive 🙂

  2. I like the cozy dim light, Danielle. Your pics are spectacular.

    I agree with Chez Shoes — those are G R E A T resolutions. I’m going to adopt them, too.

    Hope your foot is better!

    1. Awww, thanks! Unfortunately, though, a lot of them come out blurry because I’m always working with low light and I almost always refuse to use a flash. Ha! Good luck on your resolutions! I hope mine pan out. 🙂

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