I now know Jacques!


You Don't Know Jacques! by OPI
You Don't Know Jacques! by OPI

Because I’m still pretty gimpy, I had an incredibly mellow New Years Eve. And by incredibly mellow, I mean indulging in pineapple vodka and OJ (yup), prosecco, cheesecake bites, and episode after episode of The Tudors and Strangers With Candy.

It was pretty awesome.

But because I’m a total invalid and my foot still looks kind of dead, I decided to give myself a mani/pedi. Well, a cheapskate’s mani/pedi, because there was no massaging involved (boo!).

I was determined, though, to get some new nail polish. I generally love a nice and rich red color (actually, that’s almost always what I choose), but this time, I was absolutely determined to get on the gray-vy train (wah-wahhhhh) with the popular neutral hue. Bi-Mart didn’t have the color, and I was pretty sure that most other grocery store/one-stop-shopping places weren’t going to cut it. So I went straight to the place I knew had to have it: WoodPro. It’s one of those places that looks totally ghetto, but it is seriously one of THE MOST kickass beauty supply places I’ve been to. I wouldn’t get makeup there, but it’s an excellent source for nail polish, shampoos, styling aids, and hair colors.

Anyhoo, so I get there, and head straight for the polish section. I scour the wall full of OPI and all these other brands, and the closest thing  I could find to gray was metallic silver.


I grabbed a 1/2″ hair straightener and, pouting, I walked up to the register, preparing to pay. And as I ask the woman ringing me up if they had gray polish, I see an aisle cap with more polish that I missed…and there’s something that looks gray-ish. She leads me over, and picks up the OPI color, and I start to swoon. She tells me it’s very popular, and that was actually their last bottle (I was going to do a giveaway, but they didn’t have any more!).

My painted nails definitely know Jacques.
My painted nails definitely know Jacques.

So I snatch that bottle and paint my nails at home.

You Don’t Know Jacques! is part of OPI’s France collection, and it’s technically a taupe, but it definitely looks gray on, with just a hint of brown instead of blue. And it’s hot!

I used to be all about Wet’n’Wild colors that cost about $1, and if push comes to shove I’ll still buy it, but lately I’ve been getting OPI, and the difference really is palpable. The polish sets nicer and doesn’t chip as quickly. Also, you don’t need as many coats, so your polish will last longer. Colors go for about $8, which still isn’t extreme, but it’s definitely worth it.

Day two, and my nails still look pretty awesome. Also, I don’t generally like neutrals or browns on my toes, but I actually really like this color.

How was your New Years? Did you do anything fun?


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4 thoughts on “I now know Jacques!”

    1. Thanks! And damn! That was actually the color I was looking for. WoodPro didn’t have Sephora, though, so I guess I was lucky to get the last bottle of a semi-gray, right? 🙂

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