Repeal Day…sans cocktails?

My custom cocktail list

Last Friday (5 December) was Repeal Day. Now, in my circle of friends, this was SUCH a big deal that several of them took off work to celebrate. I’m not a huge drinker, but I figured that since I wasn’t working anyway, that I’d tag along.

And we started over at East Bank Saloon for lunch and drinks. While the fare was pretty normal for a bar (and seriously extra slow), I was slightly offended that, when I asked for a cocktails menu, the waitress huffed at me and turned and walked away.

My friend JW was quick to explain to me that this was a saloon, and therefore clearly would not have a cocktails menu. Couldn’t I just think of a drink and order it? Surely they could make it at the bar.

But…but…. I stuttered. I wanted something to hold and look at! What was so wrong about wanting a cocktails list?

In the end, I ordered a Black Butte Porter, but JW appeased my wishes. He took a lotto form and made me a damn cocktail list. I mean, I’m not even sure what’s in some of those drinks (although they’re pretty standard), but I thought it was funny.

So thanks! It wouldn’t have been a good Repeal Day without it (and a parking ticket…d’oh!).


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