Daily inbox notes

I’m an avid reader of  the clearly fabulous Gala Darling. She’s the queen of positivity, and let’s face it: We could all use a little more positive light in our lives. Yeah?

And this month, she’s celebrating her blog’s birthday with several giveaways. She had a long list of really great businesses who are donating goods and services, and one of them caught my eye: TUT’s Adventurer’s Club. Were they donating safari trips? Or fabulous photographs of the Egyptian pyramids?

Well, I’m still not sure what’s being contributed, but was I totally wrong about what this adventurer’s club was! Founder Mike Dooley is, as best as I can understand, a motivational speaker. Granted, this can often come off as preachy and canned, but he’s positively positive!

And I signed up for daily emails. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m not gonna lie…I think they’re pretty awesome. Little personalized tidbits that are a little bit corny, but always give me a good squee.

Today,  I woke up to this:


These messages aren’t signed Mr. Dooley, but instead from the Universe (because, you know, it’s rooting for us!). Call it what you want, but I kind of like the inspiring messages that greet me each morning. Is that terrible?

So, I’m still not 100 percent clear on the exact purpose, but if you need help keeping things positive (don’t we all?), then try getting these absolutely adorable emails that let you know you’re still special. 🙂

Now everybody on three:






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