Some Well-Loved Danskos

My kitten Tucker and my old Danskos. (We were remodeling.)
My kitten Tucker and my old Danskos. (We were remodeling.)

I’ve been meaning for a while to do another shoe review. But you know…to be honest…I’ve been living in old and well-loved shoes lately. For the past few weeks, I’ve been striding around comfy in a pair of Converse classics I bought years ago. Literally years ago. And they’ve been everywhere with me–all through college, all through working with newspapers, all through lots of photography, all through Mexico and Arizona and back to Oregon. They have pink laces that I replaced the white ones with. And I’m surprised the soles haven’t fallen off yet (although the inside’s quite torn apart). But I can’t find the gall to actually give them up.

The no-named Danskos in question.
The no-named Danskos in question.

Same with one of my first pairs of Danskos. I got these babies years ago, too. So long ago, in fact, that I have NO idea what they’re technical name is. The best I can find is “Dansko Mary Jane Clog.” Errr….


You can tell how often they’ve been worn; they’ve got scuffs all over them, and the tread’s getting thin. But they’re fun and casual and extremely reliable shoes. And I heart them! With the classic Dansko comfort and all. These babies are what got me hooked on Danskos…fo lyfe!

So, people…what are your favorite comfort shoes? Not necessarily just shoes that are comfortable…but shoes that make you feel at ease because you’ve known and loved them so long?


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3 thoughts on “Some Well-Loved Danskos”

  1. My favorite ‘ol shoes happen to be Dansko. =) They’re my black Myla pair. A bit sad that the elasticity at the straps have come to look frail, so they may not last much longer.

    Your nameless brown mary janes look very much like one of their newest styels: Mae, except that the Mae has some stitching detail around the edges.

  2. My favorite shoes are these little tan Nine West pumps with a kitten heel. They are so comfortable and I’ve replaced the heel multiple times…but sadly I think they are just too old and sad looking now to wear. If I could find a replacement, I’d buy them instantly…but I’ve never found them again and I have no idea what they’re called. 😦

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