Montezuma’s Revenge

Well, sort of.

I don’t claim to be famous in the blogosphere, but I think a lot of fashion bloggers generally know that someone is going around scouting blogs and giving away shoes from Solestruck. And that happens to be me. So needless to say, it’s been kind of fun getting shoutouts from people. (By the way, don’t come here begging for shoes…it’s unprofessional and it ain’t gonna happen.)

New Kashis and box.
New Kashis and box.

Anyway, so a few weeks ago, the position was polarized when a representative from Kashi Kicks emailed me asking if I’d like to sample a pair of their sneaks.

My automatic reaction was a resounding “YES.”

I’d heard of the brand before. Mostly from BDaddy Bryce, my boss, who got to go to the WSA Conference in Vegas. The shoes are definitely hip-hop and full of bling, and after watching a few videos about the brand, I understood that these shoes were meant to be kind of like jewelry for your feet. And knowing me, a total hipster/prepster, I wasn’t sure if they would be my style, although I’d been jonesing for a pair of skate sneaks.

Look at them details!
Look at them details!

After much deliberation, I settled on a pair of their Matador Pianos (they retail for $99), from their signature Liberace line, which is inspired by the flamboyant pianist of the same name. I wanted something a bit more downplayed so the shoes could be integrated into my wardrobe, and this seemed like a viable pick. Despite the fact that there are piano keys on the panels and around the border, and the entire upper seems to sparkle, the color palette is actually relatively subdued compared to some of the other shoes. The blacks meld well with the white and silver, while the traditional “matador” red adds a little kick.

After I’d placed my order, I started going out regularly to check the mail whenever the UPS dude came to the office. Really. I was that excited.

So of course they come on a Friday, which I have off. Monday comes, and the box is waiting for me on my desk. After inspection, they’re really everything I hoped they’d be. They have sparkly laces, with extra laces if you decide to change them. They came with a certificate of authenticity, and a chandelier keychain. Bling-bling, baby!

Sporting my Kashis.
Sporting my Kashis.

I wore them all day yesterday, even though I was wearing gray slacks. Hehe!

Overall, they’re pretty comfortable, and they accommodated my wide foot, which is always a plus. However, I didn’t realize this when I ordered them, but I chose a men’s style, and men’s shoes fit a bit differently than the ladies. It’s a tad long, but I think if I sized down, they’d be too small. And the arch is a little too far up on the foot. I suppose if I’d realized when ordering the shoes that the “M” next to the size actually stands for “Mens” instead of “Medium Width,” I could have chosen a shoe labeled as “L” for “Ladies.” My bad!

In any case, I’m enjoying my new glittery and bejeweled shoes, and they’ll totally be fun to wear around town.

Oh, and I made another episode of SoleVoice talks shoes on YouTube so you can get a few more views of the shoes.


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7 thoughts on “Montezuma’s Revenge”

  1. They’re ugly and attractive all at once. I’m VERY intrigued. I just visited their website and I really like the one called “Lily Pad” (and your Liberace shoe, too). Great video, Danielle! And, your hair is adorable.

  2. Nice to see you and hear you…those Liberace kicks would be perfect with the 3 Liberace tee’s and the diamond studded Liberace belt buckle I bought from the Liberace Museum…I kid you not!

  3. Pugly, Thank you! My hair is a constant issue. Blechh!

    Issa, they truly do, right?

    Imelda Matt, I would never imply that you would kid about such a serious matter. Therefore, I require you to purchase Liberace kicks immediately. 🙂

  4. i MUST see you in these shoes! i think they’ll suit you fantastically. let’s go drink 40’s and go to the skate park.

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