Two syllables: Egg…nog.

Drink it 'til you're Dutch.
Drink it 'til you're Dutch.

So, today I’m talking about food. Mostly because the only shoe photos I have today are really, really unflattering and display my horrid cankles. Eeww! And whoops!

This is what I’ll say, then: My day was MADE this morning at around 5:45 a.m.

That’s when I rolled into Dutch Bros. and found out that they have eggnog lattes. Now, you have to understand…my friend Jess and I are literally obsessed with eggnog in any form, but specifically when it comes to us in the form of delicious lattes.

Remember that post where I had a photo of my ridiculous wig? That was the night that I’m sure many of our friends questioned our sanity. Mostly because we rolled up to Dutch Bros. (and this is November-ish), and were incredibly saddened that they did not have eggnog lattes yet, when the Safeway down the street carried it. The baristo looked at us (my friend was wearing an electric blue wig) and said that if we wanted to bring him some eggnog, he’d make us a latte and only charge us for the shots.

And being the spontaneous people we are, we husseled our asses over to Safeway and got a frickin’ half-gallon of the stuff.

We bring it back, and the baristo is slightly surprised (we’re still wearing our wigs), but makes us our damn coffee.

The next year, Jess and I do the same thing (sans wigs) in Tualatin, only we didn’t ask first. We just brought it.

So today, when the ‘nog came early, you must understand how elated I was, and how a cup of flipping coffee made my day kind of awesome.


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4 thoughts on “Two syllables: Egg…nog.”

  1. Eggnog is also my favorite. The only difficult thing with living in Hawaii for a couple years is the cruel reality that islanders do not know about eggnog. That’s right, I searched high and low all over the islands and no eggnog to be found. So now I’m landlocked because of my addiction to the rich, eggy, deliciousness.

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