Me and my click-clack shoes

Nina Dolls Button Up in Erba Green
Nina Dolls Button Up in Erba Green

I’m a firm believer that ever gal should have a great pair of flashy flats. You already read about my crazy skimmers, but I’m not a one-trick pony! I practically live in flats.

Now, my pair of Nina Button Ups (only $39.95 at!!) aren’t really flats because they have an ever-so-slight kitten heel. It’s so slight and so well-supported with a stacked wooden construction that it literally feels like you’re wearing flats.

Before starting work with Solestruck, I had actually never heard of Nina shoes. But then again, it’s not every day that you find yourself in want of wedding or prom shoes. That said, Nina has another division of the brand called “Nina Dolls,” that is geared more toward the juniors crowd…so shoes that are practical and stylish for everyday use. My pair of Button Ups just so happens to be part of this section.

There is ample padding (much more than I had anticipated), and the criss-crossing straps tying into a bow combined with the pleated and rounded toe make this shoe an exquisitely comfy and absolutely adorable pick.

My shoes experienced leather wear-and-tear at the heel
My shoes experienced leather wear-and-tear at the heel

However, since my foot is wide and my arch high, the straps cut into my feet just a tad. But since I’m obviously a masochist (haha!), I wear them anyway. Another sensitive area I’ve found with these shoes is the back part of the heel cup. I’ve had these shoes for almost a year (okay, maybe more like eight or nine months), and they’ve seen a lot of wear. But I was very surprised when I lifted up my jeans and saw that the leather had worn through! Sad! So if you get these shoes, be careful when you’re driving, or your shoes could have similar fates.

But I will continue to wear these eccentric shoes for several reasons.

They are not only comfortable, but they come in a wealth of fun colors that are really perfect for autumn and spring. I had a really hard time choosing between the erba green (which I ended up taking a plunge and purchasing because I didn’t have any green shoes!) and the deep orange. There’s also black, cream, and bronze metallic. So really, these shoes can be dressed up or down and worn with practically anything. I’ve even worn these shoes with a purple dress. Ha!

But the absolutely best part?

Because they’re not quite a flat and have a kitten heel, they totally make click-clacking sounds when you’re walking on hard surfaces. So everyone will think you’re wearing killer heels, but you really aren’t. Tee-hee!


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6 thoughts on “Me and my click-clack shoes”

  1. that type of wear always happens to me! super annoying. except mine’s always on the outer back side. i must turn my heels out a lot or something.
    anywho, cute shoes!

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