El Con debuts album!

Doug, Chris, Jon, and Liza
El Con: Doug, Chris, Jon, and Liza

My friends over at El Con, a Portland/Tucson collective band, announced that their debut album (self-titled) is finally up for sale. Yay!

After working with the band for a little more than a year, I can tell you with total certainty that they are passionate about what they do — music. And this album is a soothing insight into the world of the American Southwest, with songs inspired by the deserts of Arizona and the US-Mexico Borderlands.

You’ll hear this country inspiration in songs like “Baptist Rain,” with sliding riffs and in my personal favorite, “Sold Out,” which just goes all out with the banjo and everything. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a huge Sufjan Stevens fan (and let me tell you, does he know his banjo!), but the banjo just makes this song great! And upbeat!

But then again, listen to “Ashes,” and it’s clear that there’s a Beck-ish influence, especially in the opening melodies. And this is the Beck that we know and love from Sea Change, specifically “Lost Cause.”

So what genre is El Con? Rock? Country? Folk? Well, it’s sort of a blend of all the above. And I love it! Listen to clips on their website, and see for yourself.

And now, you can purchase their debut album (and support these awesome artists) for only $10.


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