Calexico at the Crystal!

Calexico live.
Calexico live.

I totally purchased Calexico tickets on presale about four months ago. And I’ve pretty much been counting down the days until the show. Which…was last night!

And holy crap! These guys are a bunch of extremely talented musicians. I don’t know if I want to call it protest music, but to be at the Crystal Ballroom (in the middle of the cosmopolitan part of Portland) listening to music about social justice and the US-Mexico Border totally gave me chills. It seemed a little out of place, to be honest, because their music is so influenced by the American Southwest, but I obviously didn’t care one little bit.

The crowd was pretty hilarious, too. You could tell that most of them probably hadn’t listened to much of Calexico’s stuff, and were just there for the Crystal Frontier…because that’s when they really livened up.

And their rendition of Guero Canelo was AWESOME.

They played a great set, which included TWO encores(!) and lasted more than two hours.

My back hurts today from standing up for so long. But the pain was worth it.


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