Imma slacka…and I like wigs

Hellllooooo, friends!

So, I’ve obviously been a little Slacky McSlackster lately, right? My bad! I am busy, busy, and have not much time for the writing!

RIP Giovanni
RIP Giovanni

I got my new car. His name is Merlino. So this is the final RIP for my poor car Giovanni. I loved that car a lot, if you couldn’t tell simply from the photo to the right. Which has a story behind it. Well, sort of.

Yes, I am pictured with electric pink hair.

No, it was not my actual hair color.

Yes, it was a wig.

Yes, I have a strange obsession with wearing them.

So here be the story:

This one freezing cold night, my friend and I dared each other to wear a wig to go get drive-through coffee. I know, that’s totally lame. I had borrowed my friend’s hot pink wig that I was seriously in love with, and we went to the store to get my other friend a neon blue one of her own. We ended up wearing them all night…at the drive-through, at the grocery store, and then gallivanting around town.

The next year, I decided it was time to get my own wig. One of my friends and I picked up matching long metallic purple wigs, and we wore them through dinner at Applebee’s. People were surprisingly nice!

And we can’t forget the Halloween when everyone thought I was Marilyn Monroe because of my amazing platinum blonde wig.

So…needless to say…I kind of like my crazy hair.

Alright, people. So Halloween is upon us. What color wig should I get this year?


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