Things I Love Thursday


La Virgen Jewelry

Last year, I spent a month doing anthropological field work in Mexico. When I was down there, I noticed that seriously everyone was walking around wearing these little wooden bracelets with images of saints and the Virgin of Guadalupe. I soon went on a frantic search, basically because they were so cool.

In Douglas, Arizona, I found a little novelty shop that sold them for pennies, practically. I still wear them.

Now, I’m seeing that jewelry bearing the image of La Virgen is becoming uber-popular.

If you’re facing a craving for religiouswear and other cool and flashy Latin-inspired styles, I recommend the online store, Mexican Grocer. They have everything from medallions and necklaces to bags and Dia de los Muertos sugar skull molds.

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

My motto is that I can cook, I just choose not to. Yes, I realize that is not the best mantra to live by. But that means that when I actually decide to cook something, it’s extra special.

My parents have a steadily growing garden in their backyard, and this year they’ve reaped lots and lots of delicious zucchini. Do you know how versatile that vegetable is? It’s like the miracle fruit (hey, the seeds are on the inside). It’s good grilled or sauteed. It makes meatloaf moist and light. And holy moly, it makes cake fluffy and delicious.

One of my favorite zucchini-related confections is the chocolate zucchini cake. Here’s a very similar recipe to the one I used. I made my version low-fat, by using nonfat sour cream instead of oil, Egg Beaters instead of eggs, and Smart Start “buttery spread” instead of margarine. Normally, if you don’t make low-fat cakes correctly, they can be rubbery and dry. I still would have eaten it, but this recipe was just so ridiculously delicious, I gave some to a coworker and she was instantly addicted. And I didn’t even tell her I doctored the recipe.

While you can’t taste the zucchini in the cake, it makes the batter incredibly moist and super fluffy, so it offsets the density of the walnuts and chocolate chips. If you have some zucchini laying around, I highly recommend trying this out. I’ve been eating it for breakfast all week!

Toyota Avalons

Aight, I’ll be straight with you: There is NO way I can afford a brand-new Avalon at present. But, the car that I just lost was one (his name was Giovanni), and it looks like the next car I’ll be getting is another Avalon. (Yes, I found a car already.) If the sale goes through, I think I will name him Merlino, after the great Arthurian wizard, Merlin.

Because, really, that whole Lady of the Lake thing is NOT overrated.

And I’m not a geek. I swear.

Scissor Sisters

The other night, I came across some station airing a Scissor Sisters concert. While I’ve loved their awesome electro-pop music for quite a few years (especially the outta control Filthy/Gorgeous), I’d never actually seen the kickass group live (or in concert).

It looked like they were just as good in person as they were on the albums, but the finale with the lead singer bearing almost all of it in a nude-colored glittery mesh bodysuit ala Borat was just one hilarious surprise.

God, I love them.


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