I was in an art show! (More on the Mash-Up)

We've been framed! Friends at the Mash-Up Bash.
We've been framed! Friends at the Mash-Up Bash.

So the other day, you heard me rave about the Portland Yelp Mash-Up Bash, which was a legitimate and bona-fide amazing event. The art…the food…the drinks…the company…the glamor. It was all there in troves.

You can read all about the specifics (who-what-where-when-whys) at the Yelp blog or at my last post.

Sitting on the fence.
Yelp installation: Sitting on the fence.

But, what I didn’t mention was that I–along with several other lucky Yelpers–actually got to participate in a Yelp installation. Dubbed the “Neighborhood Project” or “That Thing You’re Doing with Disposable Cameras,” each participant applied to be a part of the installation by writing about what makes their neighborhood so amazing.

I wrote about Southeast Portland, where I grew up. And lucky me, I got to be a part of the project!

The assignment was this: Take the Yelp-provided recycled 15-exposure disposable camera and document your neighborhood…then write a tagline for it.

People checking out the Neighborhoods Project.
People checking out the Neighborhoods Project.

This was an incredibly daunting task for me. It’d been years since I’d even used a MANUAL camera, let alone a disposable one. I couldn’t imagine having so little control over the outcome! And I’m the one people have been looking to for quality photos.

So I start walking around my ‘hood. Go to the park. Go to the Rhododendron Garden. I get a lot of green photos (my tagline ended up being “It takes a village to keep it green”), and hope for the best.

Thankfully, several of them turned out really well, actually. And a bunch of them made it to the installation! It was so excited, I literally gushed for a week when I found out I was going to be a part of a real, legitimate, big-deal art show!

So I’m only known as “Danielle K.” on the display.

But to have my photos next to art by Chris Haberman and other amazing Portland creatives? There’s no better feeling!


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